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We created a lot of really cool and useful tools. At Ultraworking, we focused on making things explicitly for professionals with really demanding lives — attorneys, executives, engineers, etc. Whereas most popular tools try to be “all-purpose” for the general population, we focused specifically on people who are analytical and ambitious. Collectively, tens of thousands of people used our tools to great effect.

For most of our tools, we would built them into our desktop software Headquarters, but we also released free spreadsheet versions whenever it was possible. The spreadsheet versions couldn't give you aggregate long-term statistics and cross-reference between different applications — but they worked really well.

Here's a few of our favorites:
  • Work Cycles: Work Cycles is a way to reliably have a highly focused and productive four hour work session. Included here: a spreadsheet generator that will make a copy of Work Cycles in your Google Drive, a written guide, and a video on how to use Work Cycles.
  • Lights Spreadsheet: One of the best ways we've found to install and manage habits. A link to a spreadsheet generator that will make a copy of a Lights Spreadsheet in your Google Drive, along with a guide and best practices.
  • Monthly Planning: A rigorous way to analyze the past month, investigate and generate ideas for all relevant “Impact Areas” in your life, select actions and policies for the next month, and operationalize those policies with supporting elements. Spreadsheet generator and guide.

We also released a variety of content related to peak performance and effectiveness.

  • Good Meetings Power Pack: The “Good Meetings Power Pack” isn't as plug-and-play as the tools already listed, but with a bit of study, can absolutely help a manager or team leader level up how your organization or group does meetings. A mix of guides and templates.
  • Ultraworking Podcast: It was quite popular. It had 31 reviews — all five-stars! People really liked it. We covered topics related to peak performance. Here's a few favorite shows.

Other things:

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