At Ultraworking, we’re an R&D-heavy technology company. Our technologies have been bought, installed, and received rave reviews from top attorneys, accountants, former military officers, entrepreneurs, managers, professors, scientists, civil servants, and engineers.

We’re here to make work better — it’s a big challenge, but we love it and love the people we work with. We “geek out” about this stuff all day long, constantly looking to develop and install technologies that generate real, measurable, high-impact results.

Things We Believe Are True

We believe a few things — 

  1. The "nature of work” is one of the biggest known challenges in the 21st Century.
  2. Organizations across the world are realizing just how expensive the time and resources sunk into painful “meta-work” is costing them. A lot of this time isn’t producing output, but is needed just to get on the same page and do basic coordination. Forward-thinking executives and managers know they need to reduce the time into these painful activities and increase speed, efficiency, and output. 
  3. Likewise, individuals are starting to demand and look for work that brings out the best in them, that’s enjoyable, that’s meaningful, where they can really thrive and actualize their potential. 
  4. Because many organizations are still bogged down in 20th century thinking and workflows, there arises an (unnecessary) tension between the enterprise and the individual — the organization thinks it needs endless reports, meetings, and paperwork which the individual dislikes and sees as meaningless. In reality, executives actually want the benefits of data, coordination, and quality control — not the current somewhat outdated methods of generating those functions. 
  5. There’s dozens of “1% edges” and “known best practices” that are widely-agreed upon and already happen at top organizations like Toyota, Apple, NASA, and Bridgewater… but which executives and managers are struggling to actually implement on their teams and individuals are struggling to implement in their lives. 

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