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Past Users

Preliminary Note

We're both grateful and grateful honored you used Ultraworking. Here's how to get exports of your data.

Headquarters Data

The final update we shipped to Headquarters was a complete export of all data. You've always been able to export from various modules, but the full export gives everything formatted in json.


If you used any of our Spreadsheet Generators, that data lives in your own Google Drive. Just go to drive.google.com and search for the relevant tool (search “cycles” for Work Cycles, “lights” for Lights, and “monthly” for Monthly Planning).

Tools and Resources That Will Keep Working

Our team was quite close-knit and a number of us get together periodically to do maintenance on some of the tools. The following all still work:

Tools and Resources Likely to Keep Working

Tools That Are No Longer Maintained

  • Headquarters is currently not maintained. (If you're a developer and interested in exploring the Headquarters code and potentially open sourcing, you can click onto this page for details.)
  • Last Resolution Standing completed at the end of 2023. Amazingly, a few people used it until end of service. Congratulations.
  • The prototype ML/AI idea tools we made no longer work.
  • All Android and iOS apps are no longer maintained. They'll likely keep working for a while if already installed, but sooner or later iOS and Android updates will make them no longer operable.


  • You can email [email protected]
  • That's lightly maintained - it might take a bit of time to get to it, but we will see it eventually. Happy to help if we can.