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Description of Headquarters

Headquarters is an Electron desktop applications that works smoothly on Windows, Mac, and some versions of Linux. It's written in Javascript with a Firebase backend. Headquarters is “an application that has a lot of applications within it” — called those modules. We started with simple modules for things like having focused work sessions, tracking habits, and planning.

Eventually we added more complex functionality like the ability to put in your address and macronutrient goals, pay with a credit card, and have meals just start showing up with perfect micros and macros on a schedule. That, Clockwork Nutrition, has a partially deprecated backend involving genetic algorithms for meal composition and integrations with Garmin and Fitbit. Some of the specific applications of Headquarters we also shipped mobile applications for Android and iOS, created using React Native.

Some functionality we had

Some functionality we had: cross-platform magic, persistent save-and-loading, auto-saves, random encounters with orcs, WebRTC (umm sometimes), graphical functionality, internal re-usable code that does stuff, the sweetest freakin' timer you've ever seen, etc.

Intent of Headquarters

It might be hard to remember, but there was a time a decade ago when people were breathlessly predicting that desktop computing was going to end and everything was going to be mobile or cloud only. We thought that was mistaken — serious work still gets done on the desktop, and desktop-first applications had a lot of interesting promise about working with the other applications on your computer.

We built Headquarters to be “one place to run your life” and gradually added features relating to tracking and controlling various aspects of life. We started with with simple things and added complexity. It's a really powerful application framework and might make sense to open source it.

Interested in Open Sourcing?

A number of our team, especially the engineering team, really just loved Headquarters and could jam with you some. Please let us know your background in Open Source and if there's any secondary goals — if this would relate to some commercial endeavor you're part of (not necessarily a problem - just let us know). We look forward to hearing from you at [email protected]

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