Move fast and break things.

Mark Zuckerberg, 2009

Move fast with stable infrastructure.

Mark Zuckerberg, 2014

Move fast on other people's infrastructure.

Ultraworking Tech Team, 2018

Our Mission: Wireframe to Code in Less Than One Week

As an early stage tech startup, we're in the business of shipping rapid iterations.

Our advantage lies in speed of execution, and our strategy for achieving that is to keep things ruthlessly simple:

  1. Using minimalist, easy-to-maintain architectures. All of our products are built on JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, Markup) and serverless frameworks.
  2. Liberally automating away recurring work. We use the best 3rd party services to handle deployment, data storage, and even authentication.

This combination gives every developer on our team immense freedom and ownership, with very little boilerplate.

Ours is a dynamic development environment, with a high degree of communication and "automated situational awareness" — daily stand ups, pull request deployments, and Slack logs for all the essentials.

If you love shipping code as much as you love optimizing workflows — this is could be your opportunity to shine.

Supercharge the way our customers work by building browser plugins, smart spreadsheets, serverless web apps, and beyond.

Who We're Looking For

JavaScript is our primary language. If you have experience with modern front end and Node.js best practices, that's a big plus. Here's some of the technologies that you'll be working with on our team:

  • Virtual DOM frameworks like Mithril.js and React
  • Reactive programming
  • Progressive web apps
  • Node.js build tools like Webpack and Gulp
  • Chrome and Firefox plugins

Even if JavaScript is not your strongest language, if you love to learn, we're happy to train. What matters most is attitude — resourcefulness, clear reasoning, and a genuine love of code.

We hire organized, systems thinkers. What you are in one place, you are everywhere. If you can impress us with how your manage your personal productivity, email inbox automations, carefully-curated dotfiles, etc. — we suspect you'll be able to impress us with your code as well.

We hire great communicators. On our tech team, we don't just write code — we're constantly in contact with our users and team mates. So above and beyond technical skills, we're looking for people who are friendly, respectful, and as capable with human languages as they are with computer languages.

Does This Sound Like You?

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