If you don’t mind us being a little direct, our Tech Team at Ultraworking is pretty good. Clean modular code, stable architectures, well-designed, carefully thought-through, delivering results to top performers around the world — business owners, attorneys, executives, PhD students, professors, even employees at top organizations like Google and NASA.

So yeah, our Tech Team is quite thorough and very much on best practices.

You, however, won’t be reporting to our Tech Team.

Recon @ Ultraworking

You’ll be reporting to our Growth Team.

Over here at Growth, we don’t care about clean code, stable architectures, scalability, or any such things.

We’re all-in on move fast and break things, rapidly prototyping new ideas and shipping them out into the world. For every major Recon Dev project that succeeds big, there might be five that fall flat — but the one that goes big can go big.

We don’t care if you’ve got a Computer Science degree. I mean, that’s great if you do, but if you learned how to hack together barely-functional code from reading internet forums starting when you were 13 years old, that’s just dandy.

This is a role with infinite room to run that calls for infinite imagination — and fast speed. Most people wouldn’t be a great fit for this, but it’s going to be insanely fun and rewarding for the right type of person.

Like a Perpetual Hackathon

We’ve read a ton of research papers and science, studied peak performance and teamwork in top organizations, and released some extremely well-regarded tools to help people hit flow state more often, help really elite people complete their work faster and more enjoyably, and get people to actually follow through and complete their goals and hit their targets successfully at a high rate.

We’re probably the world’s first consumer-facing sociotechnical systems company. There’s some fancy theory behind it, but basically, we can make stuff that actually gets people to do what they want to do. And our customers really, really like it. Insanely high engagement and referral rates.

Yet — !

There’s more good ideas, more ground to seize, more opportunities to run out, etc etc, than can be done in a thorough-building way in normal dev cycles.

You’ll be in “perpetual hackathon” mode, creating prototype apps and tools to see which resonate on the market. We’ll release early and often on sites like Product Hunt, looking to create uniquely valuable tech and experiences. You’ll be backed by skilled marketers, ops people, and a rock-solid team where everyone really likes and admires each other.

So What’s It Going to Take?

The role basically requires three things —

  1. Tech skills. The exact mix can vary — if you’ve worked with Twilio before, great. If you’ve made iOS apps before, great. If you’ve got really terrific frontend skills, great. GraphQL, great. Clever things with APIs, great. It’s less about the specific tech skills and more about beautiful improvisation to build great things.

  2. Understanding people. What’s actually effective for people? How can we make a big difference in someone’s life with something we can make fast? What’s going to be exciting and create a great buzz? You should love people, love to understand people, love to get people using cool tech to do cool things in life.

  3. Recon mindset. “Recon” is obviously short for Reconnaissance — the typical soldier doing Recon would be elite, mentally tough, imaginative, with great improvisational ability and able to move light and fast.

If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid, it’s a little like being Solid Snake. A cardboard box? What could we use a cardboard box for? Well, let’s see….

And General “Culture Fit” Stuff

Oh yeah, one more thing — we all really like each other a lot. We’re a close team. Everyone tends to be fanatical about something in their life. Nabilah works out 2x every day — things like aerial yoga, functional training, weights, spinning, etc. Lee was a professor in Japan in his 20’s. Our founders have done some pretty wild and exciting things in tech, business, high-stakes negotiations, writing, education, the nonprofit world, and a lot more.

So — we want to like you a whole lot, and have you like us a whole lot. Here’s some things for you to size up whether you’d fit in:

We're all pretty intense people. We love life, learning, and pushing the envelope of what's possible. We're obsessed with measurement and improvement — whether that's in reaching customers, developing products, or in our own personal habits.

We're an early stage tech startup. You'll be working side-by-side in the trenches with the founding team — hard, demanding work, but also one of the most exciting and important periods of the company's history.

We choose effectiveness over tradition. Do you work better with a mid-day nap? We support that. Hate morning traffic? Work from 4am to 4pm instead (one of our founders does). Have an idea to make our team more effective? We'll try it. Improvement and experimentation is in our DNA.

We expect autonomy and extreme ownership. For anyone we hire, it's because we trust their judgement and ability to deliver. This is even doubly true for Recon — you'll have max control over how the work is done, max responsibility for the outcome, and the satisfaction of seeing projects from start to finish.

We value the "scientist's mindset." We'll debate, discuss, and question every premise towards searching for the best way of doing things. We analyze root causes to understand successes and failures, and never do things "just because."

We help each other become better people. Yes, you read that right. Not just professionally, either — we frequently discuss books, exercise, nutrition, history, philosophy. Excellence is a general habit, and a growth mindset doesn't stop when you leave the office.

Watch out, Snake!

We’re being a little tongue-in-cheek here — but we’re dead serious about this being a very cool emerging role. This isn’t the easiest place to work by any stretch of imagination, but for the right person, this just might be the most fun and exciting job you’ve ever had.

You interested? You know what to do —