Thinking of applying to join our Growth and Marketing Team?

Good call.

Ultraworking is a challenging place to work — but for the right type of person, this just might be your dream job.

We're looking for people who are highly analytical, mentally tough, and who aim to be exceptional in every way.

What We Do

At Ultraworking, we're changing the future of work itself — with a mix of tech and community elements that reliably make even top performers 10% to 400% more effective and productive. The mix of free and paid technology we've put into the world has helped thousands of people in over 25 countries, in all manner of demanding professions like engineering, law, accounting, entrepreneurship, and creative work. People at top organizations like Google and NASA are using our tech, and we have extremely high referral and repeat purchase rates — in short, our tech is working great to help people level-up and get more done, more easily, more smoothly, and more consistently.

Around the world, people are using our free and paid tech to level-up how they work, have better work sessions today, have better weeks this week, have better months and quarters, and get more done than they ever thought possible.

Some of the tech we've put out —

Open Roles and Two Important Notes

We're currently hiring for two roles on our growth and marketing team — Content and Syndication and Outreach. There's descriptions about what the roles entail below and who we think will succeed at them.

But, two important notes —

1. We care more about attitude and track record than any specific skills. We can teach you all the skills if you've got the right attitude.

Our founders, Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau, hugely value self-learning, experimentation, and leveling up towards becoming the very best version of yourself. If you'd be excited to work with us and have a great attitude and track record of success in your life, definitely apply even if you're lacking specific skills. Skills are easy to teach if you've got the right mindset, and we've got extensive experience in training people up to mastery in these areas.

2. We're growing rapidly — there's plenty of opportunities to go as far as you want. Got an eye on a management role? Great, we'll be needing managers soon at our pace. If you have a "dream role" you wanted to work in or grow into over time, mark it down on your application — we're growing rapidly and will have plenty of room for new roles that fit your goals and trajectory.

Ok, with that said, here's what we're hiring for right now —

Content and Syndication

We've already got some amazing content that really helps people who are doing highly leveraged self-directed work — we're particularly popular among programmers (including at NASA and Google), attorneys, accountants, business owners, scientists, and creatives.

A team member in the Content and Syndication role focuses on doing two things:

  1. Creating new types of content and "remixing" excellent, well-loved content already created in a variety of forms like blog posts, case studies, audio, video, and images, and,
  2. Helping syndicate that content across a mix of channels like LinkedIn, Reddit, Hacker News, Quora, and specific niche communities and publications.

In other words, this role is about creating more great content and getting the word out to the most high-performing people in the world — really awesome people looking for an edge in their work and life, who want to hit peak performance more often. 

We can train you in all the relevant skills, some of the things we're looking for —

  • Native English fluency.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Decent to excellent understanding of human nature.
  • Decent current understanding of online communities, platforms, and social media.
  • Highly organized.
  • Love getting things done.
  • Decent current understanding of numbers and comfort with basic math.
  • Foreign language skills are a bonus but not required.

The job will involve a mix of,

  1. Taking great success stories and data and turning it into compelling written content.
  2. Finding relevant topics currently in the media and being inquired about on sites like Quora, Reddit, and other Q&A sites.
  3. Creating original written, audio, and/or video content.
  4. Remixing current excellent written, audio, and video content into new formats. (EX: Shooting a new video covering the core takeaways from a popular blog post.)
  5. Promoting and syndicating content on other websites.
  6. Reviewing numbers and stats with executive team for lessons-learned.
  7. Potentially developing better business processes and workflows around content creation and production, if that fits your skillset. (We'll offer training on this if you haven't done it before and are interested in the topic.)

We can train you on specific skills if you have the right attitude and a past track record of excellence — the big thing is, do you like to create material that helps driven and fantastic people excel, and help that content get discovered? If that gets you fired up, you might be a great fit to work in Content and Syndication with us.


With the Outreach role, you'll be helping get great free and paid technology in more people's hands, helping set up events with great partners, and working to get some of the smartest and most driven people in the world aware of what we're doing and set up for success.

We can train you in all the relevant skills if you have the right attitude and track record, some of the things we're looking for —

  • Excellent written English skill.
  • Decent to excellent understanding of human nature.
  • Highly organized.
  • Love getting things done.
  • Foreign language skills are a bonus but not required.

The job will involve a mix of,

  1. Research of potential partners, communities, and organizations.
  2. Outreach over email to set up calls and meetings.
  3. Consistent followup.
  4. Business development phonecalls to strike new partnership agreements.
  5. A regular detailed training program where you'll learn better research skills, persuasive writing, and speaking/sales/business development skills and document your lessons for future team members.

If you love people, you'll love this role — our customers and prospective customers are some of the coolest and most inspiring people in the world... we're constantly humbled and amazed by the amazing things our customers are doing and how we can support them. Our partners and the influencers in our field are also top-notch people... really, if you like connecting with amazing people, this is a potentially fantastic role for you. 

So... are you a fit to work here?

We're building the type of elite team where everyone is exceptional and an absolute joy to work with. If you want to see think about if you'd be a fit, here's some simple questions —

*Do you learn constantly? Most of our type of people are going to either read books constantly, or otherwise learn constantly through audiobooks, podcasts, live training, or other self-directed learning.

*Do you like to strive for perfection? Both our team and our customers tend to be who love striving after perfection across their whole lives — constantly learning and growing, training their minds and bodies, and building the best life possible.

*Do you like having responsibility and autonomy? Hey, some people just want a comfortable job... but that's not us. We're looking for people who like to take charge, who like to make decisions, who are overjoyed at making huge contributions that effect thousands of people's lives for the better.

*Do you pride yourself on clear and rational thinking? We're all about taking a "scientist's mindset" — we'll debate, discuss, and question every premise towards searching for the best way of doing things. 

*Do you genuinely enjoy your work and making contributions? Some people work because they have to earn a paycheck. Fair enough. But the type of people we look to work with after different — work is a way to produce great outcomes for the world and to do beautiful and amazing things. 

Let's be real about it — this is a tough place to work. We look up to organizations like Bridgewater, Toyota, the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, SpaceX, and other organizations that innovate, question everything, and regularly do the seemingly impossible. 

Competitive pay at market rates, solid benefits, and an environment where you'll learn at light-speed and have a lot of responsibility and be growing constantly. We're hiring both at our office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (and for people who are willing to relocate here) as well as for remote work positions.

This is a demanding and intense place to work — we're looking for team members who want to be the very best at what they do, and want to learn and grow constantly.

It's not for everyone. But if it is for you, it's quite possibly your dream job.

Ready to get started? You can apply here —