We Don’t Just Write Code Here

We do some cool stuff with GraphQL, Node.js, serverless, and all the latest tools from AWS. We do it pretty well.

We do some boring stuff with Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Integromat, and Google Sheets. We also do it pretty well.

Everyone that works here is reasonably smart.

But you know… we don’t think that’s the point.

A Question

So here’s a question that most companies don’t ask on a hiring page.

What’s the ideal character of a developer who is a great teammate, great contributor, and a great person?

Most people think that a great programmer is someone with a brilliant IQ, who can understand systems tradeoffs in an instant, with an imagination powerful enough to simulate every aspect of a program in their head.

That’s all good stuff. It’s pretty important. You gotta at least be competent if you want to be a good developer.

But does it automatically make you a great developer? Does it make you a great teammate?

We all probably know some brilliant people who don’t seem to get much done, don’t really find a mix of people they enjoy working with, and never really build a super happy and thriving life.

Isn’t that interesting? Why does that happen? What’s the difference?

Character First

Here’s one of our beliefs — in order to have really enjoyable work, you want as many of the following as possible:

  1. Deeply believing in the mission you’re working on,

  2. Enjoying the specific work you’re doing,

  3. And really liking and admiring all the people you work with.

We started Ultraworking to solve one of the biggest challenges of the age — to improve the nature of work itself. It’s caught-on and we’ve now got amazing customers ranging from business owners to people pushing the frontiers of machine learning, attorneys and executives, graduate students and professors, and even employees at top organizations like Google and NASA.

We also happen to really like everyone on the team. Everyone here at Ultraworking is someone you wouldn’t particularly mind being stranded on a desert island with. All of us tend to be pretty fanatical and mastery-oriented towards at least one thing in our lives, very interested in math and science, love practical philosophy and lots of reading, lots of learning, and really just very cool people who treat each other great.

Most people think “job first” — “I’m a back-end developer.” That’s fine, that’s important too, but we want to really love the type of people we’re working with.

We think that’s shown through with the type of customers we’ve got, the type of team we’ve built, and what it’s like to work here. We’re not just looking for someone who can code — lots of people can code. We’re looking for someone who really strives for excellence and is a fantastic person to share our lives with.

Are You a Good Fit to Work Here?

We're all pretty intense people. We love life, learning, and pushing the envelope of what's possible. We're obsessed with measurement and improvement — whether that's in reaching customers, developing products, or in our own personal habits.

We're an early stage tech startup. You'll be working side-by-side in the trenches with the founding team — hard, demanding work, but also one of the most exciting and important periods of the company's history.

We choose effectiveness over tradition. Do you work better with a mid-day nap? We support that. Hate morning traffic? Work from 4am to 4pm instead (one of our founders does). Have an idea to make our team more effective? We'll try it. Improvement and experimentation is in our DNA.

We expect autonomy and extreme ownership. If we hire you, it's because we trust your judgement and your ability to deliver. You'll have max control over how the work is done, max responsibility for the outcome, and the satisfaction of seeing projects from start to finish.

We value the "scientist's mindset." We'll debate, discuss, and question every premise towards searching for the best way of doing things. We analyze root causes to understand successes and failures, and never do things "just because."

We help each other become better people. Yes, you read that right. Not just professionally, either — we frequently discuss books, exercise, nutrition, history, philosophy. Excellence is a general habit, and a growth mindset doesn't stop when you leave the office.


Does this sound intense? Exciting? Maybe even a little bit scary?

We hope it does, because that's exactly how we see it. We believe that hard work can be exceptionally meaningful — especially when you love the mission and enjoy the people who work alongside you.

You up for building the future of work?

This isn’t an easy place to work, but for the right person, it just might be a dream job. Click the button below to begin — we're excited to hear from you.

The Mission

  • Motto: "Move fast with excellent judgement."

  • Take ownership of our back-end services constellation — from Auth0, to GraphQL, to AWS Lambda and Zeit functions.

  • Work with our founders to develop the next generation of our products (Q2 2019).

  • Build systems and processes to streamline our internal dashboards and workflows.

  • Lead-by-example with development best practices.

Do Apply If You

  • An environment where you'll learn at light-speed with virtually infinite room to grow.

  • Frequent trainings on statistics, design, fitness and nutrition, longevity, and anything else our awesome team and customers are expert in.

  • Probably the coolest t-shirts ever printed by man.