Work Marathon – 99% Discount

Seems that you have a really good friend.

From Wednesday September 18th at 12:01AM Eastern Time until Saturday September 21st at 11:59PM Eastern Time, we’ll be doing a 24/7 “Work Marathon.” During these 4 days you can drop by whenever you want, and get a ton of work done alongside some fantastic people.

The standard price for a ticket is usually $100, but thanks to your friend you can now get it just for $1. They only have 1 special spot like that… so, whoever sent you that link essentially gave you a 99% discount to help you get a massive amount of work done.

Not bad, eh?

Now, your friend probably already gave you all the details, but if you need a refresher everything is on this page – (just remember to come back here for your special offer!)

$1 USD for entire Work Marathon covering September 18th-21st.

You’ll also get three months of The Work Gym for free (normally $49/month billed quarterly) to keep momentum going with regular Work Cycles every week.

Results are 100% guaranteed. If it’s not life-changingly good for you, we’d courteously refund you with no questions asked.