The Work Marathon: VIP Pass for $1

So, Janice already told you about The Work Marathon?

We combine a lightweight structure that’s well-proven to lead to peak performance with social accountability via videconferencing… for results that often seem magical.

And Janice sent us an email asking, whether we can do something cool for her friend that wants to try the Marathon.

That friend is, apparently, you.

Here’s how it works —

(1) Join the Work Marathon for $1.
(2) You also get three months of The Work Gym after the Marathon’s finished.
(3) If it’s a total game-changer, you can stick around at the regular $49/month billed quarterly. You’ll probably love it and want to stick around. But if not, no hassles.

That’s the crux of it. You can read about The Work Marathon at this link, but do remember to come back to this page for the VIP offer.

Oh yeah, one last thing — this is exclusive for one person (you), so please don’t share this online, okay?

Okay, that’s all. If you have any burning questions, you can of course read about The Work Marathon at this link, but do come back for this pretty fantastic offer.

Ready for some peak performance? Here you go —

The Work Marathon is typically $100. You only pay $1, so that’s… umm… 99% off retail, courtesy of Janice.

After the Work Marathon is finished, you’ll get three months of The Work Gym, that you can use to continue getting ton of stuff done. TWG is usually $49 / month, billed quarterly, but for you it’s also all included in the $1 offer you’re getting. Yup. It’s $1 for all of that.

After that, you can stick around at our standard price or depart without hassle. If you wind up forgetting to cancel but don’t want to stick around, we’ve got pretty good customer service and will take care of you, so no worries on that score.

Oh yeah, and please don’t share this and create a headache for us, eh? This is obviously not a publicly available offer! Thanks for the courtesy and looking forward to some peak performance with you, regards,

Sebastian Marshall, Kai Zau, and all your friends at Ultraworking