Get More Work Done in 4 Days Than Most People Do In a Whole Month

Have you ever had a multi-day run of beautiful work?

Y’know, flow state the whole time, work is clicking, everything is getting done without distraction or interruption, the feeling of unstoppability, time disappears, work gets done…

… good feeling, eh?

Want more of it?

How about going through November with a run of hyperfocus to set a great tone for the rest of the year?

November 27th - 30th,
We’re Having a Work Marathon


So… we can’t promise you’ll hit that hyper-productive flow state the entire time, but we can certainly set up the conditions to make it likely.

From Wednesday November 27th at 12:01AM Eastern Time until Saturday November 30th at 11:59PM Eastern Time, we’ll be doing a 24/7 “Work Marathon.”

Obviously, you won’t work for 96 hours straight — but regardless if you just want to drop in for just a few sessions of focused work across the four days, or if you want to aim to ship an entire large project in 25-40 hours of highly focused work, it should be great for personal performance.

We think there’s roughly three reasons people will join —

  1. You want to ship an entire project or make large improvements in one area of your career, business, or personal operations. Hyper-focus for 2-4 days on a single thing can lead to stunning outcomes. We’re providing some structure, social accountability, and using some best practices that lead to lots of success. Want to make some big improvements rapidly? You might dig the Work Marathon.

  2. You’re curious about what you’re capable of on the high end of individual productivity and performance. A friend of the Ultraworking founders, the tech CEO Nick Winter, used to do “Manic Weeks” where he would set up his life perfectly to just code as much as possible in a week. He’d inevitably get an immense amount done, and rated those as some of the happiest weeks of his life. If you’re curious how much you can get done in just a few days of max focus, you might dig the Work Marathon.

  3. If you just want to drop in and get some work done when you feel like it with some great people around, that’s cool too. We’ll have 24/7 coverage of live Work Cycles via videoconferencing. More about Work Cycles in a moment, but it’s a highly effective way to get your work done. So maybe you want to drop in from 6AM-8AM before work, or you want to get a quick round of productivity in after dinner — very cool, you’ll be able to work alongside some great people on the Work Marathon.

Any of those sound cool to you? You can read below for more details, or can click here to join the Work Marathon —

$100 USD for entire Work Marathon covering November 27th-30th.

You’ll also get three months of The Work Gym for free (normally $49/month billed quarterly) to keep momentum going with regular Work Cycles every week.

Results are 100% guaranteed. If it’s not life-changingly good for you, we’d courteously refund you with no questions asked.

Fascinating! What Should I Work On?

Yeah, it’s a cool concept, huh? So… what should you work on?

You can get a lot done in four max-focused days, perhaps the equivalent of three weeks of unfocused work. Bring whatever work you’d like to accomplish, but perhaps one of the following would be appealing…


- New major contribution to open source.
- Ship a portfolio project.
- Make a new webapp.
- Refactor an ugly code base.
- Set up unit testing.
- Overview a new programming language.
- Brush up on algorithms.
- Learn advanced math.
- Clear your whole Issues Log.

Business Owners

- Make a big automation push.
- Get all your accounting current.
- Design a new product.
- Create a new job description and recruiting plan for a key high-level role.
- Set up initial marketing tests on a new channel.
- Overview and improve all your customer service.
- Design better training plans for your current staff.


- Set up a recruiting plan to get another top person to join up.
- Design some systems to reduce the demands on your time.
- Review costs, revenue, and ROI from every major initiative.
- Spec out plans for new products and services.
- Get your whole email inbox emptied. Well, maybe.


- Re-do your firm’s website.
- Improve the “boring stuff” for more polish like having prettier invoices.
- Thoroughly overview a field of law that’s intrigued you.
- Spec out and start recruiting a new junior attorney to join your staff.
- Spec out and start recruiting support roles like ops or IT for your practice.
- Get all your accounting current.
- Wrap up that messy thing that you’ve been dreading.
- Select conferences, speaking engagements, and events for the rest of the year to attend.

PhD Students

- Work on your thesis.
- Actually work on your thesis.
- No for real, you could actually work on your thesis!
- Research.
- Processing data.
- Applying for a major grant or multiple grants.
- Getting communications current with everyone on your local faculty.
- Select conferences to attend.
- Do a sustained run of thinking.
- Get ahead on reading.
- Generate good ideas for next papers.
- Actually work on your thesis really for-real.


- Close out any lingering projects
- Get personal finances current
- Level up personal finances
- Research and make investments
- Design a new nutrition plan
- Design a new fitness plan
- Re-organize your computer
- Download and test new software
- Get to inbox zero
- Build new workflows
- Update resume and portfolio
- Plan out personal projects
- Plan out creative projects
- Plan out work projects
- Ship any lingering projects
- Tie up loose ends

Or whatever other work you want to get done. We’ve had people participate with work ranging from business to engineers commercializing cutting-edge research in optics, people doing EU policy research to all types of creative work… we even have a number of Professors coming every week to get work, including Professors of Medicine and mathematicians.

Whatever big project you’ve been meaning to make a ton of progress on, the Work Marathon is there to help make it happen.

So How Does This Whole Thing Work?

The simplest version is, you sign up and then —

(1) Pick what work you want to make a lot of progress on.
(2) Pick what times you’ll be attending the Work Marathon.
(3) We’ll handle the rest and you’ll make immense progress.

We’ll both have some setup materials so you can clarify what progress you’re going to be making and set up to be as distraction-free as possible across the times you’re working, and then we’ll be doing live moderated Work Cycles the entire time.

Work Cycles are a structured approach to work that reliably help generate higher consistency, output, and speed from a single work session — thousands of people have used and given some rave reports about it. We’ve got literally dozens of pages of reviews like this:

“I was pleasantly surprised with my performance — at least 3x more productive than normal. I’ve read about productivity best practices and implemented some of them before, but you have to try something like this to really experience the benefits.” — Neil Taylor, Commercial Director at Mobedia; London, UK

Work Cycles are a way to reliably generate higher consistency, output, and peak performance from a work session. They’re designed to help people adhere to all the mechanics and “known best practices” of getting great work done, with setup looking like this.

You’d be surprised at how many people “just start working” without asking the simple question, “How do I know this work is complete?” You’d be surprised at how many people don’t acknowledge likely distractions before starting — for just 10 seconds or so — and deciding in advance how you’d deal with them if they come up.

So, we start a session by doing a very quick overview of the work to be accomplished:


Don’t get intimidated by it — it takes 3-6 minutes to fill out and helps maximize the next few hours. After planning, you get right into work — and Work Cycles helps you navigate your work in real time:


During Work Cycles, we work in 30 minute blocks with scheduled 10 minute breaks for re-planning and recharging.

End result:

-> Your work is clearly defined and broken down.
-> You know exactly what your targets are.
-> Distractions and disruptions are minimized as you re-center every 30 minutes.
-> Flow state happens.
-> Work gets done much faster and more enjoyably.

”The biggest thing I realized is that when I focused during Work Cycles, I can get a workday done in 3 hours... By getting the work done in disciplined cycles, that then frees me up to work on bigger things, as well as showing me where I was wasting time in the past.” — Glennn Holman, Consultant, Dallas, Texas

It’s All Tied Together With Social Accountability


For whatever strange reason, the majority of people feel much more comfortable letting themselves down than to letting other people down.

Heck, many people with perfect form at lifting weights hire a personal trainer… just so they show up at the gym.

Knowing other great people are working alongside you seems to consistently produce morale and mood boosts, and helps stay focused for long periods.

In fact, the results can be downright magical here’s two recent reviews from participants —

“I've been putting this off for three weeks and there's no way I would have done it if not on cycles.“ — Business Owner

“After an emotionally/energetically challenging weekend, this was really good structure to lean on to actually get things done. I wouldn't have worked today if it weren't for TWG. Work Cycles are always good. Need to schedule Cycles at least 3 out of 5 days a week (have these overlap with TWG as much as possible). Yay for TWG!” — Systems/Automation Expert

(And those are highly effective people!)

You’ll be taking regular short breaks to analyze how the last 30 minutes went and plan the next 30 minutes for success — a great way to ensure you’re not spending too long on a single thing, not getting distracted, and taking care of yourself in the process.

And meanwhile, a skilled moderator will be present during the whole Work Marathon to take any questions and help ensure you’re on track.

In short, the Work Marathon is going to be fantastic for a sustained run of peak performance.

That sounds great. When is it?

Oh, it will be great.

The Work Marathon will run constantly from Wednesday November 27th to Saturday November 30th. It starts at 12:01AM Eastern Time on Wednesday (9PM Pacific Tuesday, 5AM Wednesday London, 6AM Wednesday Western Europe, 1PM Wednesday Singapore) and it ends on 11:59PM Eastern Time on Saturday.

Many attendees will only attend for two days — either the weekdays or weekends, perhaps — and you should get value from the event if you’re coming even for just 8 hours across the whole thing; that’s enough to make some substantial progress. Some attendees will likely attend 25-40 hours total across the 96 hour span, and that’ll be fantastic too.

To join, register below and bring work you want to get done.

Anything else I ought to know?

Yeah, first off, we shouldn’t have to say this but — we’ll have our moderators on the lookout to make sure no one is being stupid and trying to work for 20 hours a day. Be smart not dumb, ok? Your health is your responsibility, but just bear that in mind. There’s “good hardcore” and “stupid hardcore” — be the former, not the latter, eh?

We’ll have some supportive checklists, an optional prep event, and the video of the prep event will be recorded for you to review before the event. It’s not required but it should help you set up to maximize that period.

Finally, everyone joining the Work Marathon will get three months of our core offering, The Work Gym — we do Work Cycles every week (but not quite 24/7 yet!) so you’ll be able to get some regular rounds after the Marathon.

There’s some more answers in the FAQ below, and registration is here —

$100 USD for entire Work Marathon covering November 27th-30th.

You’ll also get three months of The Work Gym for free (normally $49/month billed quarterly) to keep momentum going with regular Work Cycles every week.

Results are 100% guaranteed. If it’s not life-changingly good for you, we’d courteously refund you with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend in person?

Nope. The Work Marathon is an online event. However, we actually do have some clusters of people participating in cities like London, San Francisco, and Singapore — if you know others who are participating, getting a local component could be an additional bonus. But you’re good to go so long as you have an internet connection.

When is it?

96 hours straight from Wednesday 30th November to Saturday 30th November. We start at 12:01AM Eastern Time on Thursday and end at 11:59PM on Sunday. You can check if you need to double-check where that is in your local timezone; we’ll have people attending from over 20 countries.

To participate, I’d be working for 96 hours straight???

No, no, no! We’ll have 24/7 coverage for 4 straight days, but the most hardcore people are still probably going to max out around 10 hours per day, maybe slightly higher. You can pick and choose what times you want to attend that are convenient for you, and you’ll be working alongside good people — but this is emphatically not about being stupid-hardcore and we’ll have our moderators look out for people attempting to be stupid-hardcore to prevent that from happening.

How many hours is the minimum participation to get value from this?

Perhaps 8 focused hours across the 4 days total is the minimum to make it worthwhile.

On the high side, 25-40 hours is more than enough to ship a complete project or project milestone and make a lot of progress.

What exactly am I doing here?

Working! ;)

We’ll be providing (1) a structured way to do your work called Work Cycles — a lightweight template proven to make work go faster and more enjoyably, (2) some preparation materials before the event to set yourself up for maximum success, and (3) a mix of great people always available via videoconferencing led by a skilled moderator so you’ve always got supportive people there to work alongside you.

Who is attending?

We expect between 200 and 1,000 people participating from 20+ countries.

Historically, it’s been around one-third programmers, one-third business owners and entrepreneurs, and one-third “other analytical ambitious people” — attorneys, PhD students, accountants, technical marketers, people working on creative projects in art or writing, etc.

Is this fun?

A good question!


It’s not for everyone, but for the right type of person, this actually might be the most fun thing you do all year. No exaggeration. If the idea of hitting sustained peak performance in your work is exciting for you, the whole Work Marathon might be a revelation.

Who is running this?

Your friends from Ultraworking — we obsess over peak performance, are constantly studying the best practices in personal performance, team dynamics, focus and concentration, psychology, biochemistry, etc.

We read a lot of research papers, think “why aren’t people doing this known best practice?”, and build a mix of lightweight tools with supporting community structure to help people reach peak performance.

We live a totally charmed existence since we’ve got the best customers in the world and we’re doing something that makes a huge difference for people.

Have you done this before?

This is the seventh Work Marathon, and the previous ones went fantastic. With over 300 attendees, people got an immense amount of work done.

Of course, that’s not surprising — we’ve collectively hosted north of 10,000 hours of Work Cycles for smart people around the world at “The Work Gym,” our core offering, and Cycles are known to produce great outcomes.

Incidentally, when you join the Work Marathon you’ll get three months of TWG for free so you can do Work Cycles every week if you like. We don’t always have 24/7 coverage — but we do Work Cycles every week to rave reviews. It really helps people max out concentration and flow state, so work gets done faster and more enjoyably.

What exactly are Work Cycles?

You can check out Work Cycles for yourself at — that’ll get you the template of Work Cycles and a best practices overview. It’s somewhere from 100% to 400% better with the social context, hence why we’re running the Work Marathon.

What else do I need to know?

There’s a few moving pieces here, but the simplest version is this —

From Wednesday 27th November to Saturday 30th November, you can get a lot of work done alongside some great people in a max-supportive context. To get results here, minimum participation is probably eight hours across the four days; the most hardcore participations will probably max out around 40 hours of focused work.

If the idea of peak concentration and peak performance appeals to you, get signed up and we’ll handle all the details. It’s going to be great.