Work Cycles is a reliable way to get your Most Important Work done

Cycles is a structured way to rapidly plan out a work session, and then buzzsaw through your work. It’s a simple concept, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity — it’s an incredibly reliable way to troubleshoot and complete work in real-time, see what’s effective and what isn’t, manage your energy and morale when work gets hard, and allows you to reset and adjust if you run into a roadblock.


The Methodology

At the core of Work Cycles is your Most Important Work. You identify and bring your Most Important Work, do some brief planning, and then you break your work down in a spreadsheet with four starting questions:

“What am I trying to accomplish this Cycle?”
“How will I get started?”
“Are there hazards present?”
“Energy/Morale (High/Medium/Low)” 

At the end of each 30-minute Work Cycle, you assess:

"Goal completed?”
"Were there any distractions?”
"Things to improve for next cycle?” 
"Energy/Morale (High/Medium/Low)”


Live Real-Time Training and Community

There’s a lot of known science about how people perform better in groups than by themselves, and in supportive groups best of all. During a Work Cycles session, you’ll be working with your video camera on, in real time, with other participants working away.

For first-timers, we highly recommend attending one of the sessions – there’ll be a trainer to guide you and help you with troubleshooting and small adjustments. If you also happen to get stuck at any given point on what to do next, you get real-time feedback to get unstuck. It’s very valuable. 

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Ready to work hard and be super productive? Download your Work Cycles template below.