Not Just a Job

Two of the most important things that determine how your life goes —

  1. The people you choose to spend your time with, and,
  2. What you spend your days working on.

We're growing and hiring for both technical and growth roles. But for us, it's not enough that a person is just good at their work.

When you take a job, these are people you're going to be around a lot — constantly shaping who you are and who you become.

Ultraworking certainly isn't the easiest place to work, but for the right type of person, this might just be a dream job.


What We're Doing

We build technology that reliably makes even top performers 10% to 400% more effective and productive.

That's the difference between...

  • Finishing the novel you're writing... or having the 70% complete draft gather dust.
  • Finishing your PhD thesis in 4 years... or never.
  • Getting your startup to growth trajectory... or stalling out.
  • Having time and resources to invest in your business' future... or getting bogged down in the details.

Our tech is already being used by amazing people in over 25 countries. Top engineers, attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, business owners, graduate students, programmers, scientists — even top performers in organizations like Google and NASA use our tech to help achieve their goals.

Woah. I feel like I 2-3x'd my productivity and consistency. Especially regarding MIW... I am building momentum and I don't know if I would have done this launch without having the insight and clarity from being part of Pentathlon VII.

Justine Pattantyus

The biggest thing I realized is that when I focused during Work Cycles, I can get a workday done in 3 hours... By getting the work done in disciplined cycles, that then frees me up to work on bigger things, as well as showing me where I was wasting time in the past.

Glenn Holman

Getting on a Lights Spreadsheet has been one of the most useful things I have done in my life. I've been running on it uninterruptedly for exactly two years this month and it's helped/helping me build better habits, drop bad ones and track how other things in my life are going.

James Kakuta

Would You Be A Good Fit To Work With Us?

Some simple ways to size it up —

Do you learn constantly? Most of our type of people are going to either read books constantly, or otherwise learn constantly through audiobooks, podcasts, or other self-directed learning.

Do you like to strive for perfection? Both our team and our customers tend to be who love striving after perfection across their whole lives — constantly learning and growing, training their minds and bodies, and building the best life possible.

Do you like having responsibility and autonomy? Hey, some people just want a comfortable job. For us, we're looking for people who like to take charge, who like to make decisions, who like to make major contributions.

Do you pride yourself on clear and rational thinking? We're all about taking a "scientist's mindset" — we'll debate, discuss, and question every premise towards searching for the best way of doing things. 

Do you genuinely enjoy your work and making contributions? Some people work because they have to earn a paycheck. Fair enough. But the type of people we look to work with after different — work is a way to produce great outcomes for the world and to do beautiful and amazing things. 

Who We Are

Let's be real about it — this is a tough place to work. We look up to organizations like Bridgewater, Toyota, the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, SpaceX, and other organizations that innovate, question everything, and regularly do the seemingly impossible. 

It's not for everyone, but for the right person, this just might be your dream job. After you apply, we'll be in touch within 48 hours.


Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau

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