Welcome to The Work Gym



A huge thanks for signing-up and sincere well-wishes from Kai and me. We've already got an amazing member base doing incredible work — lots of programmers and business owners, attorneys, a professor of medicine and a number of scientists, inventors, a wide range of people in creative fields, various managers and executives, and really, a lot of terrific people all around. We're excited you're here and looking forward to doing some great work together.

Okay, so —

The first step for your TWG membership is to do the Initial Assessment.

Just like in a physical gym, before you start training you want to understand how strong you are. The Assessment is here for you to understand your current productivity practices, as well as helping us understand how to help you during your Optimization Call. (More on that in a moment.)

After completing the Initial Assessment, you'll have full access to reserve your spot on the current slate of live Work Cycles sessions.

So what's next?

(1) Initial Assessment — take it. It's to get you both understanding yourself and set up for maximum results. And though it's powerful, it's also quite fast to complete.

(2) Work Cycles — where the magic happens. You'll be able to register after your Initial Assessment is done.

(3) Optimization Call — we'll schedule one with you approximately 5-12 days after you've joined. Ideally you've completed at least 1-2 rounds of Work Cycles by then. You'll go over advanced best practices with an Ultraworking team member, and ensure you know exactly how to use Work Cycles and the rest of Ultraworking's tech to hit your specific goals.

Alright, we're very excited to have you onboard. Get cracking on that Initial Assessment — and let the magic begin.

Sebastian Marshall, Kai Zau and all your friends at Ultraworking