The Most Productive Valentine’s Gift

No plans for Valentine’s Day? Struggling to find the perfect gift?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — and no, we’re not going to suggest flowers or chocolate.

This is really romantic, we promise… The Work Marathon. Yeah, what’s more romantic than spending 96 hours at a Work Marathon with your significant other?

Once a month, we run a 4-day event called the Work Marathon. It’s 96 hours straight coverage of moderated Work Cycles where you can get a ton of work done in a community with a bunch of highly driven individuals.

Join us for the next Work Marathon and invite your significant other to register for only $1.

How the Work Marathon works

Have you ever had a multi-day run of beautiful work?

Y’know, flow state the whole time, work is clicking, everything is getting done without distraction or interruption, the feeling of unstoppability, time disappears, work gets done…

… good feeling, eh?

So… we can’t promise you’ll hit that hyper-productive flow state the entire time, but we can certainly set up the conditions to make it likely.

Obviously, you won’t work for 96 hours straight — but regardless if you just want to drop in for just a few sessions of focused work across the four days, or if you want to aim to ship an entire large project in 25-40 hours of highly focused work, it should be great for personal performance.

We think there’s roughly three reasons people will join —

  1. You want to ship an entire project or make large improvements in one area of your career, business, or personal operations. Hyper-focus for 2-4 days on a single thing can lead to stunning outcomes. We’re providing some structure, social accountability, and using some best practices that lead to lots of success. Want to make some big improvements rapidly? You might dig the Work Marathon.

  2. You’re curious about what you’re capable of on the high end of individual productivity and performance. A friend of the Ultraworking founders, the tech CEO Nick Winter, used to do “Manic Weeks” where he would set up his life perfectly to just code as much as possible in a week. He’d inevitably get an immense amount done, and rated those as some of the happiest weeks of his life. If you’re curious how much you can get done in just a few days of max focus, you might dig the Work Marathon.

  3. If you just want to drop in and get some work done when you feel like it with some great people around, that’s cool too. We’ll have 24/7 coverage of live Work Cycles via videoconferencing. More about Work Cycles in a moment, but it’s a highly effective way to get your work done. So maybe you want to drop in from 6AM-8AM before work, or you want to get a quick round of productivity in after dinner — very cool, you’ll be able to work alongside some great people on the Work Marathon.

Any of those sound cool to you? You can read below for more details, or can click here to join the Work Marathon

A Very Unique Valentine's Day Gift

We like chocolate and flowers just as much as anyone else, but how about getting into a great, supportive, thriving environment with your spouse or significant other for 4 days straight?

The next Work Marathon runs from Wednesday February 20th to Saturday February 23rd — the regular price is $100 for entry — but for Valentine's Day 2019, register for the Work Marathon at the normal price and your significant other can join for $1.

We think this is a really great way to connect deeper with your special someone, and results in both getting to support each other better, as well as getting permanent lessons to be more supportive partners for each other — forever.

For the right couple, it might be the best Valentine's Day gift you ever give.

Ready to Join In And Get A Lot of Work Done With Your Loved One?

We wanted to make this one of the most unique and cool Valentine's Day gifts possible, so for this Valentine's Day register for the Work Marathon and invite your partner to join for $1, instead of the regular $100.

You can click over here to get all the info —

(Just make sure you come back to this page for the exclusive Valentine's Day special after checking it out.)

You'll be thriving, your partner will be thriving, and you'll be creating shared memories.

Thanks and wishing you a very romantic Valentine’s Day,

Sebastian Marshall, Kai Zau, and the Ultraworking Team