A Uniquely Cool Valentine's Day Gift

Hey, chocolate is great — who doesn't love chocolate — but would you like to do something really special for Valentine's Day?

How about gifting your special someone a chance to really grow and excel together?

A few times per year, we run a 16-day event called the Ultraworking Pentathlon. It's a friendly competition to really excel and thrive.

In the past, we've had multiple husband/wife and boyfriend/girlfriend couples join the Pentathlon together and it's been a consistently excellent experience —


"My husband Han and I both participated, and that helped us do fitness together. If we hadn’t done fitness yet today, could go to the gym together or do a short workout at home. That part, as a couple, was not as hard as going by yourself. I do recommend for couples, though, to set the same sleep time and wake time!”
— Sharon Chen and Han Chang, participants on multiple Pentathlons (and very happy couple)


How the Pentathlon Works

The Pentathlon is about hitting peak performance as both an individual and as a team — every day, competitors get points for doing their Most Important Work, as well as sticking with their target fitness, nutrition, sleep/wake schedule, and doing some lightweight planning to ensure it's all on track.

We studied a bunch of research papers and best practices, and build it to be a maximally supportive environment. From research, it's known that having great supportive teammates with you provides accountability and helps people reach their goals. We know that aspects of friendly competition help people perform at their best. We know that having clearly defined nutrition, fitness, and sleep/wake targets to hit helps with everything else in life.

The Pentathlon brings all of this together, and teammates on the Pentathlon often become closer and get to know each better in the process — we've had company cofounders sign up together, multiple instances of siblings living in different states or countries sign up together, and — of course — we've had married and dating couples sign up together and get some great gains.

A Very Unique Valentine's Day Gift

We like chocolate and flowers just as much as anyone else, but how about getting into a great, supportive, thriving environment with your spouse or significant other for 16 days straight?

Many Pentathlon participants report it as their most productive time of the year, and just as relevant, it's a great way to connect deeper and practically support someone you know and care about.

The next Pentathlon runs from Saturday April 7th to to Sunday April 22nd — the regular price is $300 for a single Pentathlon entry and the earlybird price is $200 — but for Valentine's Day 2018, you and your significant other can both join for $201 total.

We think this is a really great way to connect deeper with your special someone, and results in both getting to support each other better for two strong weeks, as well as getting permanent lessons to be more supportive partners for each other — forever.

For the right couple, it might be the best Valentine's Day gift you ever give.

Should You Sign Up For the Pentathlon With Your Partner?

We think this is potentially a great, life-affirming, thriving-inducing, wonderful type experience you can enjoy together... but who should sign up?

First and foremost, we've noted a pattern — the better communication and cooperation you have with your partner, the better you're going to do. Sharon and Han, already mentioned, have a great relationship and getting into sync on their goals together in a fun competitive environment was another great experience for them.

If your communication and cooperation isn't really there yet, then it might not work as great for you. The Pentathlon really works best when individuals want to get thriving in both their health and their work/projects, and when there's good communication to support each other during the event.

The next big thing is that the event runs from Saturday April 7th to to Sunday April 22nd. You'll want to check the calendar to see if you can both attend. If you order this as a surprise Valentine's Day gift and the timing doesn't work out, though, we're pretty cool and we'll work it out with you — potentially you could participate in the future, or we'd courteously refund you. So don't worry about that.

Regarding surprises, some people love 'em and some people don't — we'll leave this special offer up for a couple days after Valentine's Day if you want to talk it out with your partner before getting a spot for both of you on the Pentathlon.

Ready to Join In and Establish Some Mutually-Supporting Peak Performance With Your Loved One?

If you want to get more details about how the the Pentathlon works with the live events, scoring, theory, and dozens of happy past participant testimonials, you can click over here to get all the info —

(Just make sure you come back to this page for the exclusive Valentine's Day special after checking it out.)

As mentioned, the full price for a Pentathlon is $300. People pay that rate and are very happy doing so, and a majority of participants actually go on to sign up multiple times.

We wanted to make this one of the most unique and cool Valentine's Day gifts possible, so for this Valentine's Day you and your partner can both join together for $201, instead of the regular $600.

You'll be thriving, your partner will be thriving, you'll be creating shared memories, and perhaps learning some best practices on how to support each other going forwards forever.

(If you already previously signed up for the Pentathlon and want to add your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend — we've got you covered. Check your email.)

Thanks and wishing you much happiness in 2018 and beyond,

Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau