Thanks for coming to the Marathon.
That was fun, eh?

So… did you dig it?

This was a Marathon that we’re particularly proud of. We’re grateful that our customers trusted us with inviting their friends, and hope that these 4 days helped you make massive progress in your life. Of course now we’d love for you to continue being successful with us.

Our next big thing is the Pentathlon, that runs on October 12th - 27th and is designed to help you dial in on all your core habits. And besides that, we do Work Cycles every single week at TWG… perhaps you’d be interested?

Want Work Cycles regularly?
The Work Gym might be perfect for you.

So, we do Work Cycles live via videoconferencing multiple times every week, with sessions across all major timezones. It’s great for getting a ton of work done.

But let’s step back for a second and look at a hard question —

What’s it going to take to get to the next level of performance?

Most people seem to either be searching for “tips and tricks” (“make a list!”… hmm…) or for more tech features (“Syncing! Collaboration! Commenting!” … meh.)

Our answer to the “what’s it going to take” question is different than most.

For the last 10 years, we’ve studied just about everything related to peak performance — from biochemistry and the origins of fatigue, to industrial engineering and sociotechnical systems, to how elite individual athletes and elite teams perform, and we came up with a few dozen best practices.

We don’t think “tips and tricks” or “more tech features” are the answer to hitting the next level of performance.

Rather, we think the next level of technology has to get the hard human stuff right. When are you motivated? How easy is it to drop into that magical “flow state” where all the work just clicks and gets done?

We know what great work looks like — we’re talking Bell Labs inventing a lion’s share of modern computing, all those Nobel Prize physics types out in Los Alamos, the stuff they’re doing at Space X, that magical quality that early winning startups have…

That’s what we’re building for you at The Work Gym — performance-enhancing software, focused on the hard difficult human stuff that helps work get done faster and more enjoyably. We’re obsessed with helping you be more effective — more great work getting done, faster and more enjoyably.

To do that, we focus on two missing ingredients for higher peak performance —

  1. Social accountability, and,

  2. Getting the mechanics of work consistently right.

Social Accountability:
It’s Almost Magical for Higher Productivity

For whatever strange reason, humans seem to very comfortable letting themselves down but very uncomfortable letting other people down. Heck, some people get a personal trainer not because they need help with their lifts, but just because it’ll make them show up.

So we built a framework for social accountability during work —


You already got to experience that live during the Work Marathon, and there’s an added benefit to having Work Cycles regularly every single week.

We generate social accountability via videoconferencing with,

  • Other great people working alongside you.

  • Typical attendees are programmers, business owners, attorneys, lots of creatives, some PhD students, accountants, engineers, even some medical doctors and a Professor of Medicine. Like, really driven people.

  • A great, highly-trained moderator always there to keep the session on track and ensure you’re planned and not getting distracted at regular scheduled intervals.

  • Optional socializing and feedback during 10-minute breaks.

Just like how you would “spot” your gym buddy at weight training, The Work Gym provides a supportive community consisting of analytical, ambitious, and excellence-oriented people.

Getting The Mechanics of Work Right

Social accountability is great, but it’s not enough by itself.

You’d be surprised at how many people “just start working” without asking the simple question, “How do I know this work is complete?” You’d be surprised at how many people don’t acknowledge likely distractions before starting — for just 10 seconds or so — and deciding in advance how you’d deal with them if they come up.


We built Work Cycles for that, a lightweight dashboard that you engage with during a multi-hour work session specifically designed to promote flow state and get work done quickly.

Don’t get intimidated by it — it takes 3-6 minutes to fill out and helps maximize the next few hours. You already got to experience this live, and it gets faster and easier as you master the mechanics across multiple sessions.

After planning, you get right into work — and Work Cycles helps you navigate your work in real time:


During Work Cycles, we work in 30 minute blocks with scheduled 10 minute breaks for re-planning and recharging.

End result:

-> Your work is clearly defined and broken down.
-> You know exactly what your targets are.
-> Distractions and disruptions are minimized as you re-center every 30 minutes.
-> Flow state happens.
-> Work gets done much faster and more enjoyably.

“I was pleasantly surprised with my performance — at least 3x more productive than normal. I’ve read about productivity best practices and implemented some of them before, but you have to try something like this to really experience the benefits.” — Neil Taylor, Commercial Director at Mobedia; London, UK

It Works. Guaranteed.

We’ve got a few dozen pages of unsolicited reviews and testimonials, self-reports of performance increases ranging from +25% to +400%.

Getting +400% from a single work session sounds crazy until you realize that that’s merely getting 2 days of normal work done in a half-day — something we’ve all done when we’ve been on an intense deadline (like, college term papers) or when highly inspired and everything is just clicking.

”The biggest thing I realized is that when I focused during Work Cycles, I can get a workday done in 3 hours... By getting the work done in disciplined cycles, that then frees me up to work on bigger things, as well as showing me where I was wasting time in the past.” — Glennn Holman, Consultant, Dallas, Texas

We’d love to get you aboard at The Work Gym, and we’re 100% guaranteeing it’ll work for you.

On the off chance it doesn’t work for you you’ll get a prompt, no-questions-asked, courteous refund. Seriously. Heck, if it doesn’t double your performance on sessions you attend, ask for a refund. Yeah, that’s a strong claim but it actually works amazing.

“As a programmer when I first heard of cycles I had some reservations. But after some real world experience, I went on to realize that if your tasks aren't divided into small enough pieces that they fit within 30 minutes, you probably don't know the problem well enough. So now I'm sold on using cycles for programming - it's saved me from a lot of wasted time and effort.” — Han Chang, Programmer; San Francisco, CA

And Special Pricing for Marathon Guest Attendees

In the past, we used to charge $140 for a two-day set of Work Cycles. At The Work Gym, we do multiple rounds of Cycles every week for just $49/month billed quarterly. And again, we fully guarantee it works.

As a special offer for Marathon participants — i.e., you — you can get half off your first three months at The Work Gym.

We run dozens of hours of Work Cycles every week and work hard on adding even more of them. Over the next few weeks we want to experiment with new schedules, extra events and new tech.

Your TWG membership also includes access to all Marathons in that time — most likely, we’ll have two of them (November and December) – and to the upcoming Pentathlon in October.

(And we’re working towards constant 24/7 Cycles coverage.)

We're aiming to make this the single most useful and productivity-enhancing resource on all of the Internet — an ambitious vision, to be sure, but one we think we're capable of reaching.

Come to as many sessions as you’d like — members routinely see +25% to +400% (really) boosts in performance from a single focused session. On any given session, there’ll be multiple programmers, multiple business owners, an attorney or two drafting contracts or opinions, a few people doing creative work, a PhD student, a researcher working on EU policy, an inventor, a freelancer, and really, a great mix of motivated and exceptional people — it’s hard not to be productive when you’ve got lightweight tech to keep you focused and you’re working alongside other great people.

Actual feedback from recent sessions —

“I've been putting this off for three weeks and there's no way I would have done it if not on cycles.“ — Business Owner

“After an emotionally/energetically challenging weekend, this was really good structure to lean on to actually get things done. I wouldn't have worked today if it weren't for TWG. Work Cycles are always good. Need to schedule Cycles at least 3 out of 5 days a week (have these overlap with TWG as much as possible). Yay for TWG!” — Systems/Automation Expert

And those are both highly effective people already — TWG is there to help you consistently hit that next level of performance.

Join Today and Get Some Fully Guaranteed Peak Performance

"TWG is already past break even for me cost wise and net positive ROI in a single cycles session." — Gabriel Stein, Entrepreneur; Sacramento, CA

We’ve got multiple moderator-led sessions every week to cover timezones worldwide, and we 100% guarantee the results. What tech company does that? We do that. We’re here to make work go faster, more consistent, and more enjoyable for you.

Ready for more peak performance? You can join us here —

The Work Gym is typically $49/month billed quarterly. Your first three months are for only $73.50, so that’s 50% off, thanks to the friend that invited you.

After that, you can stick around at our standard price or depart without hassle. If you wind up forgetting to cancel but don’t want to stick around, we’ve got pretty good customer service and will take care of you, so no worries on that score.

100% guaranteed with no hassles — if it doesn’t make your work life-changingly better, let us know and we’ll courteously refund you. Our aim is for it to be life-changing.

See you at The Work Gym, regards,
Sebastian Marshall, Kai Zau, and the whole team at Ultraworking