Let’s us try to guess a few things about you, okay?

You are already on TWG. You know it works.

Also, you’re a team manager, CEO, business owner, etc. Basically you have a great team and you’d love to make them more effective.

For some strange reason your team is still not on TWG. Maybe the cost is a little prohibitive. Maybe you’re not sure whether they’d like it. Maybe you think they’d be super effective on Cycles, but you don’t know how to introduce it without people resisting change.


For the launch of your team can join at 90% discount and we’ll help you make sure they actually love it.

Even better? If they and become more productive than ever, they get a permanent 50% discount. If not, we’ll just refund you everything without any hassle.

But that’s not all. We’ve got more good stuff coming for you.

– You'll get a private session to get your team started on Work Cycles
– You'll get out help on the scheduling, to make sure there's at least one session on the calendar that most of your team can attend
– You'll get 2 consultations with us, to help you build stronger productivity habits into your company culture

Sounds good? Here are the details…

Private Cycles session

– 4 hours private Overview Work Cycles session for the team to help everyone get on Cycles
– At least 8 people need to attend. If your team is smaller than that though, no worries – we want to support you. We'll coordinate with other small team to get your together, so you'll still get the personal treatement.


– You will get one Initial Consultation to discuss building productivity habits into your team before we even host a session for them
– 3 weeks later you'll get a second consultation, to consolidate the gains and make sure all the habits stay

Scheduling help

– During the Initial Consultation we'll review your team schedule and figure out what session would work best
– If there's no good session for your team, we'll just put one extra on the calendar.
– The added session will be open to public, so even if half of your team is on holiday or something, we won’t need to cancel it

Now, this offer is available until the end of October. We’re doing it because we’re launching a really big new platform. And, y’know… we want to say thank you for being with us and supporting us while we were still starting.