Research Notes, Strategy, and Viewing/Learning Guides

Very glad you liked the TSR issue — doing the research for this one, I found a bunch of resources that are pretty amazing which didn't get into the issue. Here's what I've got for you —

  1. Three academic papers and datasets on honesty and dishonesty from UChicago, Shippensburg University, and MIT. Very useful — these contain exact stats on how often people are honest, with some great takeaways.

  2. Viewing guides with commentary on lessons you can take from Golden Balls and similar shows.

  3. How I'd play the finale if I was ever on a show like that.

All in all, I think it's some very useful reading and viewing — I got a ton out of this research, and hope you do too.  I'll send all of that to you right now, as well as any updates if we add more responses and guides from readers on the topic.

Put in your email and we'll send it straightaway —

Cheers and regards,

Sebastian Marshall
Cofounder, Ultraworking; Editor, The Strategic Review