The Work Gym 0.2.0

What’s New

  • TWG members can now invite friends, family, and whomever else they want to for four days of peak performance at a Work Marathon with Edge passes.

  • Event announcements capabilities have been added. New feature and event announcements (among other things) can be shown to users with an announcement bar at the top of the page.


  • When creating a new account, the form asking you to choose a password has clearer instructions.

  • No more being signed out instantly after signing in (fingers crossed!).

  • Members were having trouble viewing their billing details. This should be fixed.

  • When creating an account, you can no longer accidentally change your email address.

  • The Ambition Life Calendar link now opens in the same tab rather than a new tab. We did this to avoid a Google Chrome bug that stops new tabs from opening after a Chrome extension link has been opened.

  • The link to Lights Habit Tracking has been updated to go directly to the Lights sheet.

Primary Developers: Lee Knowlton, Saad Zafar

The Work GymLee Knowlton
The Work Gym 0.1.0

What’s New

Everything is new!

This release marks the launch of Beta, our peak performance platform for The Work Gym members.

Beta Launch Features include:

  • Live Work Cycles session booking

  • A collection of peak performance tools for members

  • User settings and billing information

  • An embedded Beta User Feedback form

Primary Developers: Lee Knowlton, Luka Dover, Saad Zafar

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