Hello competitor!

We'd like to invite you to the next Ultraworking Pentathlon, from April 13th to April 28th. The regular price for the event is $300; with this "ultra-early" rate you can register now for $100.

The Benefits of a Repeat Pentathlon

More than half of the people who attend a Pentathlon come to a subsequent one — and the reason is obvious.

The Pentathlon is designed to help you reach peak productivity while you're on it, but also to gain increased mastery forever.

You get stories like Diarmuid Kidney's, who joined on Pentathlon II and did well, and then was able to get a perfect score and thrive throughout Pentathlon III -- despite being on deployment in the Irish Army as a reserve NCO during the Pentathlon.

Diarmuid said, "I learned a lot from doing the first Pentathlon, so I knew what it would take to get it done. It was tough — really rough — since I was away for half the Pentathlon doing full-time training with the Army. I had to make a commitment to get up early, and do the most important work [for the tech business he runs during civilian life] an hour before everyone would wake up, and get another hour done when we had a bit of downtime. It was tough, but I managed to do it. The biggest takeaway for me was I used to think I couldn’t do most important work when on army duty, but that belief was wrong — I thought I couldn’t get work done unless I had a lot of time, but I realized I could find two hours each day to get it done, and I did. The guys were really supportive of it. The style of training we did worked with it — it wasn’t 48 hours on the ground which wouldn’t have been practical — but this was practical and I was able to do it. I wouldn't have done that two hours a day of work if I hadn't been committed to the Pentathlon."

Caroline Poser has joined the last three Pentathlons, she's reflected that she's learned more about herself, having a strong team, and setting achievable goals each time -- she comes back for more peak productivity and more learnings each Pentathlon.

Given that each Pentathlon is three months apart, it's a perfect amount of time to let your skills rise to the new baseline, and then come back to "re-fuel" yourself with new lessons and another dose of peak productivity.

We'd Love To Have You Back

We really feel so blessed that we've got such amazing customers: there's so many people doing fantastic things across the whole world, and seeing people come in and thrive, get short-term gains, and build long-term mastery... it's a joy.

We'd love to have you back for the next Pentathlon. The ultra-early registration costs only $100, so if you know you can make it, we'd love for you to jump on it and commit to having a really strong run scheduled in the coming months.

As always, if you have any questions, shoot an email to pentathlon@ultraworking.com — and if you'd like to register, you can do so at this link.

April 13th to April 28th, at the ultra-early rate.

Thank you, and highest regards,
Sebastian Marshall, Kai Zau, and all your friends at Ultraworking