Thanks for joining us for Work Cycles on Saturday, 30 October.

Did you dig Work Cycles? Want to reach even more peak performance, for 16 days straight?

We'd like to invite you to the next Ultraworking Pentathlon at a discounted rate. The Pentathlon runs from October 7th to October 22nd and helps you reach peak performance with a mix of tech, training, and great people and community.

We're grateful you took the leap and joined us on Saturday for Work Cycles — normally the Pentathlon is $300, but we'd like to offer you a discounted rate of $200 to say thanks for joining in.

16 Days of Peak Performance,
Styled as a Competition

Since you came to Work Cycles, you likely have heard about the Pentathlon already. The short version is that it's designed to help you hit peak performance for 16 days straight, in a maximally supportive environment, with some excellent tech and trainings to help you get there.

You can read the full details about the Pentathlon if you click here, but make sure to come back to this page to get the exclusive discount for Work Cycles attendees. 

The Quick Details

This is the 5th Ultraworking Pentathlon. We've had a huge positive response to the Pentathlon with many attendees reporting it as their most effective weeks of the year.

"I was way more productive than I was immediately before the Pentathlon. About equal to my most productive times... It's a good way to jumpstart your productivity if you are in a slump, and it's a good way to get to the next level if you are already doing great." — Diarmuid Kidney

The Pentathlon runs from October 7th to October 22nd.

There will be three rounds of Work Cycles on:

  • Saturday, 7 October
  • Saturday, 14 October
  • Saturday, 21 October

We ask you to come to the first Saturday to get onboarded onto the tech and meet your team; the other two sets of cycles are entirely optional, but people tend to really like them and our most-requested feature was more Cycles, so we do three rounds of them.

There's also an (optional but very cool) closing ceremony on Sunday, 22 October.

During the entire Pentathlon, we build a structure to maximally support you on your Most Important Work, as well as build up your health, recovery, and planning. You get scored every day on Most Important Work, Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, and Planning. People get a lot done, report huge gains, and more than half of past attendees have signed up for a subsequent Penathlon or referred a friend to the event — it's very much loved by people who attend.

"Enthusiastically recommended IF you're serious about leveling-up."  Gregg Jones

If you don't already know about the Pentathlon and want to learn more, click over to this page and get the full details. Don't forget to come back here for the exclusive discount for Work Cycles attendees.

Thanks for joining us at Work Cycles. If you have any questions, shoot an email to — and if you'd like to register, we'd love to have you onboard for some peak performance.

October 7th to October 22nd, at the discounted preferred rate for attendees of the Work Cycles event.

Thank you, and highest regards,
Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau