Parent Harder

So, much to our surprise and astonishment, apparently babies are created through a complex biological process that is known to be stressful and intense for the baby’s parents. Who would’ve thought.

But okay seriously, we’re happy to support TWG members who are expecting a new baby.

So here’s how it works —

(1) If you’re a newly expecting mom, we’ve got you covered — we’ll comp your TWG membership for your second trimester, third trimester, and three months after the baby is born. So let us know when you hit that second trimester, and we’ll comp you those months. You’re more than welcome to show up to TWG sessions whenever you’re feeling it. No pressure of course, but come as you like.

(2) If you’re a newly expecting dad, we’ve got you covered for months 8, 9, and the first two months after the baby is born. Once again, you’re more than welcome to come to all those sessions, but no pressure. Though, we hear that TWG sessions are remarkable for performing adequately despite sleep deprivation.

All you gotta do is email and we’ll sort you out.

We’re also looking into seeing if we can get high-quality “Work Harder” blankets or little baby clothes. If you’d actually dress your baby up in that and think it’s cool, let us know and we’ll look into faster. We don’t have that online, cuz, like, what we do about baby clothes, but if there’s interest, we’d love to give your little one a head start on peak performance. It’ll be cute, too. Probably.

Alright, we got your back. Huge congratulations. Good luck with the sleep. Seriously.

Unfrequently Asked Questions

Probably no one is going to have any questions, but just in case you do…

So, how do I get that credit?

Just send us an email to and let us know the happy news. Moms - please email us at second trimester; dads, please email us around month #8. Then we’ve got you covered.

Why y’all doing this?

Cuz we’re, like, the coolest company ever. And we want to support you. And all that jazz. Congrats again.

Do you require any proof of pregnancy or something?

We trust you! Feel free to send us baby pictures though!

We’re adopting. Can you do something for us?

Congrats. And yeah, sure. We haven’t thought through this case yet, so just email us and we’ll figure it out.

Likewise for any other related cases. We got you.

Can I attend whenever I want on those free months?

Yeah, absolutely. Attend if you’re feeling good and you’d like the social accountability and boost.

You can, of course, use Cycles as a great way to research prenatal care, baby’s nutrition, household setup, and all that sort of thing. Or just bring your regular work and/or creative projects when you want to get a little boost around some great people.

Of course, no pressure, feel free to refrain from attending if you’re not feeling it and we’ll see you when you’re back to a regular sleep schedule ;)

We’ve got your back either way. Congrats again.

And wait, are you serious about the baby gear? You’ll really send a “Work Harder” baby shirt and/or blanket?

If you’ll dress your kid in it, we’ll get it made and sent to you! ;) ;) ;) #workharder #parentharder

Congrats again on the little one. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help. Just shoot us a message to - wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy, lots of joy, and not too much sleep deprivation from all of us on the team.