Do you have a process to guarantee every month leads to max success, growth, thriving, and satisfaction?

12 times per year, you get a great opportunity — the calendar rolls over to a new month, and it's the perfect time to install new plans and thrive for the next month.

You can get a huge amount of leverage by spending just 1-2 hours looking at and debriefing the last month and then setting up solid plans and tools for the next month.

We built a lightweight-but-super-thorough tool to do just that —

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There’s 720 hours in November… how about spending 2 hours to make sure the other 718 hours go amazing?

One of our core beliefs at Ultraworking is that you can be very successful if you can navigate all the timeframes of your life very well. Meaning, if you can have a good moment right now, a good hour this hour, a good day today, a good week this week, a good month this month... etc... you can have a great life.

To help facilitate having great months, we developed a powerful lightweight planning process. It's easy to use, dead-simple, and very powerful.

We've run Monthly Planning as live trainings three times, and got rave receptions each time — now we've brought out a self-serve version of it, so you can debrief each month and plan the next one for max success.

It takes you through an analysis of how the last month (October) went, gives you prompts to assess your biggest opportunities and problems, prioritize what you want to have happen, and then operationalize all of it to make sure it gets done.

You're going to get a powerful "smart spreadsheet" to debrief the past month and plan the next for max success, as well as some guidance and best practices we've discovered in doing Monthly Planning with hundreds of talented and ambitious people.

And An Optional Event on Tuesday October 30th

You can do Monthly Planning on your own — we’ve got a smart spreadsheet for you and a best practices guide.

If you’d like to do it live with some additional guidance, we’ll be doing a free event on Tuesday October 30th where you can hear some theory and do monthly planning in a group context. Some people dig that.

The event isn’t essential — just a bonus thing; some people enjoy the group context for planning and additional guidance.

That said, our newest version of Monthly Planning is entirely self-serve — it’ll get you a crystal clear understanding of how October went and help you set up November for max thriving.

Want to max out November? Our Monthly Planning tech is 100% free for you here —