Free Invitation to Work Marathon VIII
Wednesday September 18th to Sunday the 21st.


Apparently you’re invited to the next Ultraworking Work Marathon, running continuously from 12:01AM Eastern time on Wednesday September 18th to Sunday September 21st.

Over here at Ultraworking, we support people with a mix of elegant technology and great social accountability — and we find that, with perfect setup, people can often get the equivalent of a month’s worth of their “Most Important Work” in just four days. Seriously.

The Work Marathon is an exceptionally productive and fun experience, attendees get a lot done and it’s gotten rave reviews, and it’s normally $100 to attend — but for you, it’s free via your friend. Do thank them!

A Free Pass to the Work Marathon

Over here at Ultraworking, we’re into peak performance. Can’t get enough of it.

We’ve opened up free Marathon passes to our customers to say thanks for all their support, especially in beta-testing a whole slate of new software we’ve been releasing recently.

And apparently your friend thinks you might enjoy attending the Marathon.

You can read about the Work Marathon fully here — — though do make sure you come back to this page for your free pass. Basically, bring work you want to get done.

You could attend as little as 8 hours total across the 4 days and get a lot done, but attendees often put in 25-40 hours to get an immense amount done. There’s regular breaks on timed intervals, some lightweight great interfaces to support you, skilled moderators, and great people working alongside you. Most people find they can perform at much, much higher levels of consistency and output with that type of “perfect setup.”

For you, you get a lot of work done.

For our customers, they get a way to share a great experience with old friends and a cool way to share an experience with people they don’t know well and would like to get to know.

For us, we get some more people into peak performance hearing about us. Kind of a win/win/win we figure, so we’re happy to try this out and see how it goes.

So yes, got some work you want to get done alongside some great people?

You’re invited to join the next Work Marathon on September 18th-21st. Bring work to do, connect more closely with your friend by sharing a cool experience, be highly productive, learn some things, get a lot done, have a great time in the process.

The Work Marathon runs continuously from 12:01AM on Wednesday September 18th to 11:59PM on Saturday September 21st. Bring work you’d like to complete! You’ll be working alongside your friend and some other fantastic people. Retail price is $100; you’re welcome to attend via this guest invite — make sure to send a thank-you note, eh?