Welcome aboard.

A lot of welcome pages stand with long introductions... but we’d rather talk about you. Why did you decide to take the decision to join The Work Gym?

Maybe you signed up to get your work done faster so you have more time for your family.

Or maybe you work on your business 60+ hours a week and want to be even more effective.

Maybe you just, umm… barely get any work done and really need to fix that. Like, really.

Either way, we want to promise you – that if you only apply the practices we developed here and trust in the process, you will be better at accomplishing your goals and winning. We're grateful for that trust.

So anyway, what's next?

Next step is to create an account on WG.io. Then you'll sign up for your first Work Cycles session. Cycles are where all the magic happens, and we’re really excited to see you there.

Click here to go to WG.io and get started

Technical details

Oh, and since this is a welcome message, we should also include some receipt or a summary of everything you get, right? So here's a list of all the technical details –

TWG membership gives you full access to live Work Cycles sessions, hosted by skilled moderators that help you work more effectively. We host about 16 hours of Cycles every week and try to add more sessions as we grow.

Membership at TWG is an ongoing subscription, priced at $49 / month, billed quarterly. With your current purchase you're all good until [[next renewal date]]. After that, you can stick around or depart without hassle. If you wind up forgetting to cancel but don’t want to stay, we’ve got pretty good customer service and will take care of you, so no worries on that score.

Besides standard Work Cycles, you also have full access to all Work Marathons and one Pentathlon. Plus, when we create new tools and events we'll probably include most of them in TWG free of charge.

So that's it for the technical part. We sent you a copy of all of that to your email, so you don't need to worry about taking notes.

Anyway, nothing else left do to on this page. Now click the link below to proceed –

Go to WG.io and let the magic start

Once you click that, you’ll quickly go through a short Initial Diagnostic and book your first Work Cycles session. And that will be the first step on the journey to bringing you peak performance in your life.

We're really excited to have you embark on that journey with us. Huzzah!
Sebastian Marshall, Kai Zau, and all your friends at Ultraworking