Congratulations to the Winners and Perfect-Scoring Competitors of the Fourth Ultraworking Pentathlon

The Ultraworking Pentathlon runs two weeks and three weekends, four times per year. 

It’s structured as a competition — but similar to a marathon, the most important thing is competing against yourself to be the best and do the best you can.

The goal of the founders of Ultraworking is to have every Pentathlon be a shot in the arm of peak performance, but also lead to permanent gains in effectiveness, productivity, and control over one’s life — in short, more thriving.

On this page, we’re really pleased to celebrate the winners of the most recent Pentathlon, along with some lessons of why they won.

Winning Team: Voyager

Every person in the Pentathlon is scored individually, and is also on a team — teams get to choose themselves if they want to, and how to communicate. Some of them doing daily sync-ups, meet, or otherwise message and encourage each other on a regular schedule.

The winning team for Pentathlon IV was Team Voyager — Kendra Kinnison, J. Thorn, Gordon Yoon, and Juil Yoon. Kendra additionally put up perfect scores for the Pentathlon, going 600/600 every single day of the competition.


Kendra Kinnison

"It was awesome to get such good momentum on the book I'm writing... competition brings out the best in me, I'm a very competitive person, and being on a team with other competitive people helps a lot."


J. Thorn

"This was great. I've been a big believer in systems for years, and you don't learn in school -- many people don't learn at all -- how to set up a system to ensure you're doing everything right. It was powerful and great. Having Kendra on the team was terrific too, she was getting everything perfect right from the start and the whole team was inspired."


Gordon Yoon

"I’m not always surrounded by people who “want to make themselves better” — so it was strange, kind of exciting, and fun. It was great having something so strong to talk about and connect with my brother on, and I've found been using Work Cycles at work at Google for coding: it's such a powerful tool."


Juil Yoon

"As far as winning, it helped that my brother was in my group -- there’s that extra accountability right there. For scoring, my sleep schedule didn't start perfectly and I knew I wanted to work on that... once I got my sleep schedule down, everything else fell into place and I was perfect across the rest of the competition."


Innovations and Firsts

On past Pentathlons, we've had husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, and business cofounders join the Pentathlon together -- but Gordon and Juil Yoon were the first time that brothers joined together. Both reported it was a great experience, and a way to stay in closer touch. We're really thrilled and honored that they got to connect through the Pentathlon and enjoyed it.

Gordon Yoon was also very kind to use some of his programming skill to make a version of Work Cycles that will graph your energy and morale changes automatically. You can click that link to use the spreadsheet yourself; simply enter energy and morale from 0% to 100% and you'll get a graph as to how your energy and morale trend during Work Cycles. Huge respect and gratitude to Gordon for the innovation and for making it available for all of us.

Finally, on the Ultraworking side, we created a new profiles system and scoreboard for Pentathlon IV and brought much more logic into the Pentathlon app -- people really loved it, as the arena view became much more fleshed-out and it become easier to understand your teammates and other competitors, to get to know them, and form great connections and support each other. We also did "team breakouts" where everyone could formally meet their team during the first Opening Ceremony, which was well-loved. We're going to keep working on strong team dynamics and having the tech support and serve you better on future Pentathlons.


Thanks again to everyone competed and thrived, and congratulations to Team Voyager! It's been a pleasure once again.

If you'd like to join up for next time, Pentathlon V is schuled for Saturday October 7th to Sunday October 22nd -- we look forward to seeing the leaderboard and set of perfect scores grow next time.