GDPR Day: Guaranteed to Destroy Your Inbox, But Might Just Lead to Some Peak Performance in July

We got sick of getting 10 million boring emails written by people's lawyers in our inbox, so we decided to have our own GDPR Day At Ultraworking

The Global Do the Pentathlon Rally.

We're Having a +1 Sale for GDPR Day

Umm, we didn't want to send out another boring email just to tell you our privacy policy is updated (incidentally, our privacy policy is updated)... so we thought we'd hold a sale.

The next Ultraworking Pentathlon is happening from Saturday July 14th to Sunday July 29th. Normally, a full-price Pentathlon registration is $300 and earlybird pricing is at $200.

For the Global Do the Pentathlon Rally, we're letting you get two spots on the Pentathlon — one for you, one for a friend, family member, or colleague — for only $201. Full price for two spots would normally be $600; at $201, that's a 66% discount. Happy GDPR Day. Our privacy policy has been changed.

But wait, what's the Pentathlon?

The Pentathlon: More Enjoyable Than Reading a Website's Privacy Policy

We're taking a sort of breezy tone because we figure you already know about the Pentathlon and think this is going to be a very cool offer.

But long story short, the Pentathlon is 16 days of a friendly competition, from July 14th-29th. Our goal is to reliably help people hit peak performance over those 16 days, and take some permanent levelups and lessons with them forever.

You can read the full details about the Pentathlon if you click here, but make sure to come back to this page to get the GDPR promo.

One of the strengths of the Pentathlon are the team dynamics to it — knowing your teammates are counting on you and encouraging you, and vice-versa, helps people both establish more consistency and thrive more, and is a great way to connect with people you know. We've had husband-and-wife teams join together, brothers who live in different cities participate together, and a variety of cofounders and work colleagues participate.

With the GDPR Day offer, when you buy an earlybird spot on the Pentathlon for yourself, you get another spot for a friend, colleague, or loved one for just a single dollar.

Longer Pentathlon Details

This is the 8th Ultraworking Pentathlon. We've had a huge positive response to the Pentathlon with many attendees reporting it as their most effective weeks of the year.

I was way more productive than I was immediately before the Pentathlon. About equal to my most productive times... It's a good way to jumpstart your productivity if you are in a slump, and it's a good way to get to the next level if you are already doing great.

Diarmuid Kidney

The Pentathlon runs from July 14th to July 29th.

There will be three rounds of Work Cycles on:

  • Saturday, 14 July
  • Saturday, 21 July
  • Saturday, 28 July

We ask you to come to the first Saturday to get onboarded onto the tech and meet your team; the other two sets of cycles are entirely optional, but people tend to really like them and our most-requested feature was more Cycles, so we do three rounds of them.

There's also an (optional but very cool) closing ceremony on Sunday, 29 July.

During the entire Pentathlon, we build a structure to maximally support you on your Most Important Work, as well as build up your health, recovery, and planning. You get scored every day on Most Important Work, Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, and Planning. People get a lot done, report huge gains, and more than half of past attendees have signed up for a subsequent Penathlon or referred a friend to the event — it's very much loved by people who attend.

Enthusiastically recommended IF you're serious about leveling-up.

Gregg Jones


Q: When and where is the Pentathlon?

The Pentathlon takes place from Saturday July 14th to Sunday July 29th. All of it is 100% online — including the live events, team interactions, and scoring / tech framework.

Q: How's this promo work?

A: You pay $201. You get a Pentathlon spot for yourself, and a "+1" to designate for whoever you want. Could be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, best friend, acquaintance, brother, cofounder, colleague, random person on your football (soccer) team, whomever you like. You'll be on the same during the competition and it's a great to both thrive individually and connect with the person coming as a +1. 

Q: Is this a good value?

A: Well, we think so. Full-price entry to the Pentathlon is $300. Two full-price entries are $600. This is $201 for two entries, or 66.5% off. More importantly, it's a great way to reach peak performance for yourself, help a friend or colleague or loved one reach some peak performance, and connect with them more.

Q: Who do people bring as +1's?

A: Lots of romantic couples, married or dating. Lots of business partners. It's proven particularly cool for helping siblings in different cities connect with each other and learn about each other's work and lives and compete together for a couple weeks. It works great for people by the way, we've had zero people who came in +1 groups drop out or flame out... it really helps stick with best practices.

Q: When do I have to designate my +1 by?

A: Sooner is of course better since they'll be able to prep themselves, but as long as you let us know 48 hours before the event starts it's totally fine. That's Thursday July 12th. If you're the type of person who does things chronically late and really goes down to the wire, we'll do our best to accommodate you because we're cool like that, but c'mon, don't do that eh?

Q: Is "GDPR Day" supposed to be funny?

A: What? Peak performance is no laughing matter. We're hoping to lessen the sorrow of an email inbox drowning in a sea of privacy policy messages, and replace it with some peak performance and interpersonal connections.

Q: But come on, "Global Do the Pentathlon Rally"? You're playing it for laughs, you're trying to be funny.

A: Au contraire! It's supposed to be funny the way cartoons in the New Yorker are funny. You look at them, go "oh, that's a cartoon" but you don't actually laugh.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: The Pentathlon is a really great way to reach peak performance, and we'd be delighted to have you and a friend, colleague, or loved one of yours. We get rave reviews for it, and — kidding tone of GDPR Day aside — we'd be delighted to have you and your +1 there. You can register here; this page will be up for the GDPR deadline day (25 May) and one day afterwards.

Ready to sign on for some peak performance in July for you and someone you care about?

July 14th to July 29th, includes +1 spot.

Happy GDPR Day,
Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau

PS:  If you're bored, our privacy policy has been updated.