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Best Practices for a Multi-Day Focused Work Session


Preparation For a Max-Focused Multi-Day Work Session

The majority of people attending will be coming to the Work Marathon — has all the details — but this might be valuable whether you’re attending the event or not.

We’re going to look at a number of best practices that are worth considering before starting a focused multi-day work session. 

These range from simple things life having a full set of meals pre-cooked or delivery on standby, to medium-complexity things like getting your tech supporting you and setting expectations with colleagues, to bigger points around mental readiness and pacing oneself.

One Hour for the Fundamentals, One Hour for Questions

This will all be very practical — quite valuable for Work Marathon attendees, but potentially useful for anyone wanting to get some best practices for a multi-day session of focused work.

In the first hour, we’ll go over a set of best practices and give you time to implement some of the easier ones right away.

You should get everything you need in the first hour, but we’ll have another hour available for questions — if you’re participating in the Work Marathon and want some thoughts on choosing the best project or other setup, or any general questions about getting set up well for a great multi-day run of work.

If you’ve already confirmed you’re registration on the Work Marathon, you don’t need to register again. If you haven’t registered for the Work Marathon, you can sign up for this prep and best practices event for free here —