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(2PM EST) Free Training April 28th: Learn How to Debrief Each Month and Plan the Next For Maximum Thriving

Monthly Planning and Debrief

Do you have processes to guarantee every month leads to max success, growth, thriving, and satisfaction? 

12 times per year, you get a great opportunity — the calendar rolls over to a new month, and it's the perfect time to install new plans and thrive for the next month.

You can get a huge amount of leverage by spending just 1-2 hours looking at and debriefing the last month and then setting up solid plans and tools for the next month.

Most people don't have a monthly debrief and planning process  so we'd like to invite you to our free training on Sunday 28 April at 2PM Eastern time (11AM Pacific time).

It’s free and will be hyper-practical: it'll be only about 30% theory; 70% of it will be guided review time to go deep into how your past month went, how you want your next month to go, and installing the relevant tools and processes to ensure you have a great month.

We've ran this training a half dozen times now and it’s consistently gotten a rave reception, so we're bringing it back to help you build and keep strong momentum going. If you've been before, you're welcome to come back — we've made some improvements since last time.

If you're new, even better — get ready to get your mind blown and set yourself up for some huge gains. You can register for free here —

Having a Great Month Is Underrated

One of our core beliefs at Ultraworking is that you can be very successful if you can navigate all the timeframes of your life very well. Meaning, if you can have a good moment right now, a good hour this hour, a good day today, a good week this week, a good month this month... etc... you can have a great life.

Our last two free trainings brought you Work Cycles — a great way to maximize the next few hours — and developing your own Lights Spreadsheet, a great way to ensure that you're having good days and weeks.

In this training, we'll take it up a notch: we'll give you the real processes we use to (1) debrief past months to see what's working and what isn't, (2) conceptualize what a great next month would look like, and (3) rapidly build tools, processes, and new habits to have that fantastic month.

We think this is both practical and rather important stuff — most people have no clue how to guarantee a strong month of gains... these are exactly the tools to build and keep momentum going into a really strong May.

Event Format

If you've come to one of our past events, you know we don't care much for theory and "blah blah blah" — it's all practical and it's all about doing.

We'll do three things at this event:

(1) Learn how to debrief a month, and do it in real time. In real time, we'll go through the theory of what you should be looking at, and give you instructions on everything to go through. You'll look at the mix of accomplishments for the month, how the days were spent, how the time was spent, how key Impact Areas in your life are going (health, money, career, network, etc), and create a short summary of the month that can be reviewed in the future,

(2) We'll set a Monthly Focus to make huge gains on for the next month. A Monthly Focus is an extremely powerful way to make a lot of progress in 1-2 areas of your life for a month. We'll give you some tools and examples to diagnose what you should be focusing on, and give you time and guided exercises to set a Monthly Focus for May — as well as learning the methodology so you can do it on your own in June, July, August... well, for forever, actually.

(3) We don't stop there — we work on toolsoperationalization (a fancy word for "making sure it all happens), and behavior change to actually make your Monthly Focus stick and produce huge gains. Again, you'll get a tiny bit of theory — and then a lot of practical hands-on doing.

It's going to be a fun event. It's going be highly practical. We're getting rave reviews from our past free trainings, and we've got people who are Ultraworking at top practical organizations like Google, NASA (I know, right?), high-end law firms, elite military units, startups, engineering organizations... students at top universities... we don't mess around, everything is really practical.

So yeah, you want to set yourself up for an amazing May and learn a methodology that’ll serve you for the rest of your life? Please come join us for free on Sunday 28 April at 2PM Eastern Time (11AM Pacific).

We'll go up to two hours, but you should get the gist of it in 90 minutes — the second half will be giving detailed 1-on-1 feedback to attendees who want it. This is cool because you can see what other top performers are thinking and get feedback yourself, but isn't required if you're in a hurry on Sunday and want to come for just the first 90 minutes to lock down your monthly debriefing and planning.

So, want to set yourself up for some terrific gains next month and learn a methodology to supercharge all subsequent months of your life? Please join us on 28 April, we're greatly looking forward to it —