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Free Training: Build a More Analytical Framework to a Thriving Career


Want to squeeze more satisfaction, thriving, growth, and success out of your career?

Here at Ultraworking, we're all about taking a max-rational, max-pragmatic approach to not just work but everything. That's why we were really thrilled to meet Lindsay Gordon, a rather unusual career coach — her background is in engineering, and she brings a hyper-practical approach to ensuring you have an absolutely fantastic career.

During this event on Tuesday December 5th at 8PM Eastern time (5PM Pacific), Lindsay is going to walk you through a number of exercises to help build a more solid framework for a thriving career for yourself — whether that be getting more success and enjoyment out of the job you're already in, or identifying and getting towards the right job for you.

Sebastian Marshall from Ultraworking will be co-pilot for the event, ensuring you've got some really slick and practical easy-to-use spreadsheets to debrief past successes, learn from past mistakes and setbacks, really get to a much more solid understanding of what motivates and satisfies you, and building an action plan to start getting more out of your career immediately afterwards.

If you've been to a past Ultraworking training, you know they're all about you getting results right away. As per how we usually do things, the event will be only 20-30% theory and 70-80% practical stuff you can do right away and take with you for greater results immediately.

Lindsay is a total ace and well-beloved by her clients for good reason — she brings a super rare blend of max-pragmatic engineering mindset along with high levels of empathy, understanding, and common sense. 

Here's a registration link if you're ready to sign up, or read more below —

Have you ever really broken down what matters to you in your career?

Engineering has been one of the miracles of the last two centuries — it's famous for its ability to take a hugely complicated problem like putting a satellite into space and and breaking it down to simple and individual components that can be navigated, optimized for, and solved. 

Or take the case of Google — where Lindsay worked from 2010-2016 — and think about how they solve the complicated problem of organizing all the world's information through a series of identifying the core components, and building solid technical solutions around them.

This type of thinking — an engineering mindset — is incredibly valuable for problem-solving and for getting the most out of any situation presented to you.

But incredibly often, people haven't taken this approach to the most important things in their lives. Certainly, we spend a huge bulk of our waking hours at life. And a great career, if you can identify what really matters to you, can be a huge source of joy and thriving.

That what's Lindsay will be bringing you on Tuesday 5th December. There will be two core goals for the event:

1. You'll walk through a series of precise and targeted introspection and reflection of all your past successes and mistakes, identify common elements, and get better clarity on your values, the ideal working conditions for you, the situations you thrive within, and — perhaps rare — also clarify some "anti-values" that you want to ensure you avoid and navigate away from in your professional life.

2. Turn that newfound introspection and lessons-learned into a practical action plan you can use to start making improvements right away.

All the while, we'll do some of our Ultraworking magic and create some really cool templates and extremely-straightforward, simple, and elegant spreadsheets you can use during both the event for greater clarity and analytical horsepower, and later whenever you want to refresh and see how you're doing.

It's going to be really cool and really useful.

Who Should Come?

The people who most benefit from Lindsey's work are not so much from any given profession, but rather of a given mindset. Her approach is the best fit for someone analytically-minded, who enjoys analyzing parts of the world both in terms of its components and frameworks, and — ideally — someone who is already introspective and likes to study their own life.

There's no single profession or even a stereotypical set of professions that would benefit — you don't have to be an engineer, architect, or lawyer to benefit from this training.

What you do need to most heavily benefit is a few years of work experience — if you're a recent college grad, you're of course welcome to this free training, but it might not be maximally beneficial. Some of it will be applicable, sure, but a lot of this training will be focused on actually reflecting and analyzing past work experiences to learn what specific elements lead to work environments you most succeed in — so you can systematically build those elements into your life.

People currently job-hunting who already have work and life experience are very welcome, and people in the middle of the search often find immense value of Lindsay's work.

The methods of the event will work either if you love your career and what you're doing — you can always continue to build and enhance more of it — or if you're looking for a change. It's about identifying both what makes you tick most effectively and what situations and elements don't lead to thriving — so you can set yourself up to get more of the former and less of the latter going forwards.

Expect Great Results

At Ultraworking, we're here to help you work better — and live better. When we got acquainted with Lindsay and her work a couple months ago, we knew right away that she'd be terrific to work with. It's so incredibly rare to meet someone who is max-pragmatic and analytical, but also has a great human touch to go alongside it. Her past clients and colleageus have said about her —

"Lindsay is a wonderful career coach. I was ready for my next adventure but unsure of my options, careening from one idea to another. Through conversation and homework exercises, Lindsay added structure to my thought process and helped me to articulate my goals for the next stage in my career." — Lian Chikako Chang, Data Visualization Designer at Earnest Inc

"When I met Lindsay, she was the new "Cultural Ambassador" for my team at Google. She focused on helping our management team create a work environment that leveraged our strengths and resonated with our passions. ... I wish I had access to Lindsay's coaching on a regular basis. If you become one of her clients, I envy you. There is nothing I can say to recommend Lindsay's coaching too highly." — Brian K. Haney, Engineer and Manager at Google

And many more: Google her, if you like, she's got rave reviews across the board.

Ready to get some practical insights into your career? Please join us on Tuesday 5 December at 8PM Eastern time (5PM Pacific). The core material for the event will conclude in 60-75 minutes, and then Lindsay and Sebastian will hang out a bit longer to take any questions and socialize.

It's going to be hyper-practical and hyper-useful. If you're looking to get more clarity and fulfillment out of your career, please register now and see you on Tuesday December 5th —