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Lights Spreadsheet Training, April 7th: Best Practices and Build Your Own


If you’d like to build more consistency, get more peak performance, and establish stronger habits permanently, then we’d like to cordially invite you to our free…

Lights Spreadsheet Training Event

Here’s the deal — on 7 April 2019 at 2PM Eastern Time (11AM Pacific Time), we’re holding a free event. We’re going to teach you the theory and practice of building a Lights Spreadsheet that's personally customized to really help you thrive going forwards. You'll learn the theory and best practices briefly, and then learn to set up and run from Lights to have greater consistency in your life.

It’s free. It’s going to be fantastic. If you know our events, you’re going to love it because it’s going to be epic. You can get the gist of it if you come for an hour, but we’ll hang out for two hours total and give feedback to whoever wants it. Very interactive, hands-on, and useful. You can register here:

Wait a minute, what’s a Lights Spreadsheet?

Lights Spreadsheet.png

It’s a very effective way to lock-down your habits and do more of what matters. It helps with adherence — aka actually doing what you’re supposed to do — and it helps with analysis, it’s very satisfying, and it’s dead simple to use.

Ultraworking Cofounder Sebastian Marshall has been using a Lights Spreadsheet for over 208 weeks, since April 2015. In that time, he’s ran a Lights Spreadsheet basically every single week. (He missed a couple weeks after surgery, but runs it the rest of the time.)

It came from a really ridiculously simple idea. Marshall had just finished speaking and organizing across 14 different cities at universities and tech spaces on the Gotta Be Good Tour in just over a month, and his habits were a mess. Wasn’t hitting the gym reliably, sleep schedule was messy, lots of emails in the inbox, etc, etc — if you’ve been through a hyper-busy period, you know how sometimes your habits can get messed up.

So Marshall sat down at a hotel in Toronto and wrote down on a piece of paper,

“What should I be doing every single day?”

He wrote a list of 10 things he should do every day — morning routine, exercise, walk, progress on biggest current thing, plan the next day, sleep well, etc — added a couple more aspirational things, and threw it on a spreadsheet.

It worked great. Marshall started getting much more consistency on his habits and doing more of the right stuff.

When Marshall first blogged about Lights a few years ago, many people adopted it — and reported it went great. Lots of programmers, engineers, business owners, students, creatives, and professionals have adopted Lights in their own life, and gotten some great results out of it.

We’re holding a free live training to go over all these lessons, give you the best practices, and give you a supportive context with some cool people to build yours in real-time.

A Lights Spreadsheet, basically, is an easy "container for your habits" — it helps you get much greater consistency, every single day, in what matters most to you. It builds on some best practices in psychology and motivation and is a very powerful tool.

There's no "one size fits all" for Lights — you want one that's customized for you and what matters to you, specifically. That's why we're having this event: you'll learn some general best practices, but then we'll also help you set you set yours up specifically.

You’ll learn a lot of little nuances that we've discovered over the years — for instance, Marshall originally tried to hit “True Inbox Zero” for email every single day, but now uses “No emails older than 7 days” as his goal for email, which is a more realistic target given his email volume, life, and priorities.

Both Ultraworking cofounders, Marshall and Kai Zau, have been using Lights weekly for many years, and have seen many other people set them up and had discussions about best practices and tweaks to be made. During this event, you’ll work to get the right mix of Lights down, of the right difficulty level, learn how to stay consistent with it, and learn best practices for making adjustments and doing analysis over time.

It should be fun and very practical. It’ll start with some very brief theory about why Lights are so motivating according to what we know of current psychology and motivation, but then we’ll get right to practical stuff. You’ll learn all you need to do run Lights within an hour, but Marshall and Zau will hang out for another hour after that and give live critique so you can get real-time feedback on what you’re working on.

This is a very powerful tool for greater consistency and performance -- it’d be our pleasure to show you how it works and get you running on Lights. Please register here, for free, and we look forward to seeing you on 7 April from 2PM to 4PM Eastern Standard Time (11AM-1PM Pacific Time).

You can register for free here:

We're very excited for this event. It's entirely free, so register now, mark your calendar for Sunday April 7th, and come learn and build a powerful tool for greater consistency in and thriving in your life.

Highest regards,

Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau