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Free Training: Fitness Engineering with Chris Natterer


How knowledgeable are you about the core systems of your body?

Here at Ultraworking, we're all about being deliberate, methodical, and pragmatic — we know from experience that by studying, analyzing, and designing one's life and business a little more deliberate, it's possible to get consistently better outcomes with greater consistency, in less time, and with less stress.

That's why we're really excited to co-host this free training with Chris Natterer on Wednesday 27 February at 1PM Eastern time (10AM Pacific). During this free training, Chris is going to be doing two things for you — (1) giving you an overview of the state of the art in fundamental, intermediate, and advanced topics related to fitness and biochemistry, and (2) helping you rank and prioritize what you need to learn and do over the coming months to take your health, strength, and body composition to greater levels.

A German by birth, an engineer by training, and a health and fitness fanatic by calling, Chris brings a practical engineering mindset to improving one’s health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. You’re going to cover core concepts and look for points of high-leverage to improve in this interactive event, which should be great for taking your physical performance to higher levels in 2019.

Attendance is free, you can click here to register —

Health and Fitness: An Immensely Big Field

Most people, frankly, don’t know where to start.

Chris will be giving you rapid overviews of topics like how to get your bloodwork taken and assess your numbers, and more importantly — whether that particular topic is relevant for you and something you need to go deeper on at the current moment.

The event will be highly interactive, with you getting a rapid overview of different systems of the body and ways to train and improve, followed by you assessing your current level of knowledge and relevancy to your life.

A No-Nonsense, Engineer’s Approach

A lot of health and fitness has some, frankly, cultish and unscientific stuff in it.

There’s none of that here.

Chris is going to walk you through some of the state of science, how to assess your current level of knowledge and understanding on a dozen key topics, as well as contextualizing it for you to understand the importance to your life going forwards.

Chris typically charges $5,000 per engagement for detailed personal training — he graciously agreed to do this event with the Ultraworking community because he likes what we’re doing, and wants to help you level up both your theoretical and practical understanding of how your body works — and the highest-leverage places for you to start making changes.

If you've been to one of our trainings before, you know that we're not into hearing ourselves talk. You'll get some good guidance from Chris with important knowledge around best practices, but the event will be highly interactive — a way for you to assess where you’re at, prioritize what matters to you, and make significant gains in 2019.

It Might Even Be Fun

Don’t buy the stereotypes that Germans are boring! While as methodical as the stereotypical German engineer, Chris has lived and traveled all over the world, and brings a friendly and dynamic approach to fitness.

There’ll be time for questions and some brief socializing at the end, the event will be very practical and lead to some great knowledge, and… heck, it might even be fun.

So, want to get up the state-of-the-art in health, fitness, and biochemistry? Do please join us on Wednesday 27 February at 1PM Eastern time (10AM Pacific) to start thinking about your health and fitness like an engineer. You can register for free here —