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Free Training: Level-Up the Systems in Your Service Business with Justine Pattantyus


How good are the systems in your business? Want to make them better?

Here at Ultraworking, we're all about being deliberate, methodical, and pragmatic — we know from experience that by studying, analyzing, and designing one's life and business a little more deliberate, it's possible to get consistently better outcomes with greater consistency, in less time, and with less stress.

That's why we're really excited to co-host this free training with Justine Pattantyus on Saturday 6 April at 12PM Eastern time (9AM Pacific). During this free training, you're going to learn a quick diagnostic framework to assess exactly the quality of a variety of your business systems, you'll make some quick low-hanging improvements in real time, and make an action plan to ensure ongoing improvements.

This event will be most beneficial to owners of growing service businesses — consultants, web designers and developers, accountants, marketing agencies, writers, etc. During the event, you'll work through a framework to pinpoint the current quality level of your systems in personal organization and planning, financial management, sales, and marketing.

After getting some insight on where your systems stack up right now in relation to the best practices being run by top organizations, you'll take one of those four categories and level-up right away in real time, identifying low-hanging fruit and making small improvements, and ending by making yourself an action plan. Every business owner needs to have good systems for their personal productivity, financial management, and their growth via sales and marketing — at the end of it, you'll understand more of where you're at in each of those areas and you'll have made some practical improvements in one of them.

Your main host for the event will be Justine Pattantyus, an expert on business systems who has tuned up and consulted for a number of top companies and brands as they've scaled from six figures to seven figures and beyond. Justine will be bringing a lot of immediately actionable, core best practices for business success

Sebastian Marshall from Ultraworking will be co-pilot for the event, ensuring you've got some really slick and practical easy-to-use spreadsheets and tools so that you can diagnose and understand exactly where you stand in terms of best practices, identify your next actions, and get some successes right away in real time.

Justine has a masterful grasp on the topic and some very keen insights on best practices — you're going to learn a lot, do a lot, and your business is going to get stronger as a result. So, please join us on Saturday 6 April at 12PM Eastern time (9AM Pacific) to level up the systems of your business.

You can read more below, or click here to register now for your free spot on the training —

You probably already know systems are important...

... but it's often tricky to know exactly where to start. The vast majority of businesses start with very rudimentary and erratic systems, and it's often difficult to pinpoint what's going to create the most leverage, what's appropriate for your current stage of development, and where the most effective gains to be made are.

That's where Justine comes in.

Over her years consulting and running operations for a number of fast-scaling companies including Spartan Race (which has a very complicated business bringing in millions of dollars), Justine began to discern common patterns and identify the right order for systematizing a growing company.

Eventually, Justine was able to formulate a masterful framework to assess the current quality of one's systems in business and the key steps that go alongside it —

A draft of Justine's Business Systems Scorecard... don't get overwhelmed by the amount of complexity! We'll be making it simple, easy, and actionable to understand at the event.

A draft of Justine's Business Systems Scorecard... don't get overwhelmed by the amount of complexity! We'll be making it simple, easy, and actionable to understand at the event.

Having a known framework that hews to best practices and helps you identify the quality of systems and the next major priority — this is, obviously, very valuable.

On the event, we're going to be leading you through an interactive self-assessment of where you're at, that'll output the best practices and next steps for getting better control of your systems and more consistent in results in your personal productivity, financial management, marketing, and sales.

20% Theory, 80% Action

If you've been to one of our trainings before, you know that we're not into hearing ourselves talk. You'll get some good brief guidance from Justine around best practices, but 80% of this event will be you actually doing practical analysis in real-time to understand where you're at, identifying low-hanging fruit, making immediate productive gains, and making an action plan for following up.

Who Should Come?

The event will be most beneficial for owners of a service business that's growing and scaling, but of course, other business owners or people curious about systems design and entrepreneurship are welcome to attend.

With that said, again, it'll only be 20-30% theory max — 70% to 80% of the time will be spent in analyzing what's currently happening in your business, benchmarking yourself against best practices, identifying low-hanging fruit to implement, implementing, and making an action plan so you can continue the gains going forwards.

Any entrepreneur could well get some gains from this, and it's a must-attend for people running a service business who want to level their systems up.

It Might Even Be Fun

Hey, we're all about the event very productive and profitable for your business — but we think it'll be a good time, too.

At the end of the event, there'll be time for some Q&A with Justine and Sebastian, as well as getting to know your fellow participants at the event. It'll be a smart, high-level crowd. You're going to learn a lot, take a lot of action, get good results, and we might even just have a fun time in the process.

So, do please join us on Saturday 6 April at 12PM Eastern time (9AM Pacific) to level up the systems in your business. You can register for free here —

PS: Have any friends that are business owners? If you send this page to them, they'll no doubt thank you :)