Cyber Monday Special

We wanted to do something cool for Cyber Monday. It took us a while, but we got it.

You've probably already heard about our core offering, the Ultraworking Pentathlon, a mix of tech and training for sixteen days of peak performance. Maybe you've come to a past one.

They get rave reviews:

Work takes 80% of your life. UW will give you a huge permanent boost to your work effectiveness. So compared to admission price, ROI is infinite. To me it's just a no-brainer.

Mony Chhim

Full price for a Pentathlon is $300. People pay that rate and are very happy — we've got extremely high rates of referrals and often people come back to the Pentathlon multiple times for more peak performance.

If you're thinking of signing on to the Pentathlon, we wanted to make right now the best time ever to sign up.

So we created —

Cyber Monday: Pentathlon +1

Through Cyber Monday only, you can get a spot on the Pentathlon and an additional spot for a friend, family member, or colleague... for $201.

Normal price, that's $600 for two spots. So, 66% off.

The Pentathlon works great for individuals, but even better when you know someone from your regular life who attends alongside you.

You can assign your +1 any time before the Pentathlon starts on January 6th. So you can use your +1 as a cool holiday gift, a way to connect better with a team member or cofounder, or even as a way to connect with your spouse or one of your siblings — we've had husband/wife teams participate, as well as brothers participate in the past. It's a great experience.

Lock In a Strong 2018

The Pentathlon runs from January 6 to January 21. There will be 16 days, filled with sets of Work Cycles to do for dosages of peak productivity, and a great system of scoring and staying on track with everything that matters.

We figure you already know that the Pentathlon is, but if you want to refresh your memory or don't know about it, just click over here to find out —

Just make sure you come back to this page for the exclusive Cyber Monday offer.

You get a full spot on the New Year's Pentathlon for yourself, and you get a +1 so a friend, family member, or colleague can thrive alongside you.

It's going to be epic. This is 66% off regular price for two spots. This deal is available until the end of Monday 27 November — so grab your spot and your +1 now for $201 to lock in some peak performance in January:

(PS: If you've already registered, we've got you taken care of too. Check your email.)

Thanks and see you at the Pentathlon,

Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau