We’ve recently started co-hosting live, online events with various thought leaders and businesses that audiences love and that drive great business outcomes.

Ultraworking is fundamentally a company that focuses on operations, workflows, and efficacy — in other words, we’ve got frameworks that help people take action in real time and get good results right away.

We’re now doing collaborations with people who have terrific thought leadership, content, products, or services that don’t have as much of a live interactive component — we handle all the hard stuff, help set a framework for the event so people have a great time, and ensure it drives business outcomes across the board.

How It Works: Example

Let’s give a real-world example. On September 16th, we co-hosted a set of Work Cycles with Miguel Hernandez.

Miguel runs a very successful and profitable animation studio called Grumo Media, and he’s been a top instructor on Udemy for the last few years. In September, he was sharing material with his audience on course creation.

We created a live event together where people could apply the Work Cycles methodology to getting a lot done in a real-time context. We set up the registration page, confirmation emails, notifications, video conferencing software, and spreadsheet materials for people to work with.

Miguel sent the invite out to a group of 60 people working on course creation, 30 registered, and a stunning 25 of them came. Those are really good engagement numbers.

People had a great experience, got through roadblocks in real time, did their work, and reported that they loved it. Miguel got written and video testimonials during the event, and attendees got a lot of work done.

How It Works: General

It’s quite simple.

You pick a subject matter that’s conducive to people working in real time on it.

We’ve got some easy to use frameworks so people can make progress in real time during the event. (We aim for a ratio of 20%-30% theory / host talking to 70%-80% audience interaction… people love the feeling of actually getting a lot done and implementing, far moreso than theoretical learning.)

We set up all the tech, copy, and communications — and it works smoothly. Once we agree on the subject matter, we’ll think through together what you want the attendees to take away from the event and create a good format that’s simple to execute on and delivers good results. We’ll then write the copy for a registration page, confirmation emails and communications, and set up the videoconferencing software and any supplementary materials (surveys, spreadsheets, working documents, etc) that might be required. You’ll obviously proof these and make sure you love them before it goes live.

We run the event together. Events can be as short as 60-90 minutes, or as long as 3-5 hours. 

People have a great time. Audiences rave about our events. We’ve got lots of surveys and testimonials we can share with you, both from co-hosted events and our own native events. Seriously — people love the feeling of executing in real-time with an expert they respect and other motivated people on the videoconference call.

We help you harvest the results. We’ll talk through, beforehand, what would be most useful to you — feedback on a new product/service? Ideas for new content? Written testimonials? Video testimonials? Promoting a product or service you sell? Connecting with top people? We’ll plan it all out beforehand to ensure the event goes great and produces good business/life outcomes too. You’ll have the full list of attendees, their contact info, and their feedback/testimonials afterwards, as well as a lot of new knowledge about the market and what your audience cares about.

Why Do You Guys Do This?

Because it's awesome.

Okay, more seriously, we do it to get the word out there — our methodologies work really well as a general framework for effectiveness and we’re happy to get people using them.

We won’t do it forever since it’s fairly labor intensive, but for now it's a great way to have people get real hands-on exposure with the type of effectiveness we look to build into tech and trainings.

We also really like to collaborate with terrific people — a big part of Sebastian's and Kai’s motivation at Ultraworking is working with terrific, cool people. We just love it. It’s really cool to collab with someone to put on a great event and have the audience walking away with a terrific experience and a lot of gains.

Anything Else?

There’s a couple bonus (completely optional) things we can do to make the event a success — on our side, we’ve got well-trained paid researchers that can look up the contact info of people in your field to invite to the event if you want, and then we’ve got mail merging software to send very elegant customized emails inviting those people. In our experience, it winds up costing around $1 per found valid email address, around 10-20% of people reply, and around 20%-40% of the people who reply come.

So if your name was Tom Smith and you were an expert on mountaineering, we could work together to put a list of 100 top mountaineers in the field, and then drop them all a line with, “We’re co-hosting an event with Tom Smith on mountaineering — maybe you’d like to come and check it out?” If we reached out to 100 people, probably 10-20 would reply and 2-8 people would come. It’d cost around $100, we’d probably split the research cost with you (we can talk about it)… anyway, it’s fairly cost-effective way to connect with other influencers and thought leaders in your space. Totally optional — not required — but potentially cool and opens some doors.

We can also put together some really cool-looking graphics about the event and to syndicate across social media and aggregator sites that are relevant. If your core demographic is similar to ours (professionals, startups, executives, etc) then we’re also happy to promote the event to our audience.

But again, the promo/syndication stuff is optional — if you have a core audience and want to just invite them to get to know them, build a stronger relationship, and get some feedback while providing a great experience — that’s cool too.

How Do We Get Started?

If you got referred here by a friend of ours, shoot an email to sebastian@ultraworking.com — if we’re already dialoging, umm, keep dialoging.

To get started, we need to figure out —

1. The core subject matter presented.
2. What practical takeaways / deliverables the audience should walk away with.
3. The date/time for the event.

Once we have those, we create the framework for the event together to ensure the audience gets a lot out of it. Then we’ll handle creating the registration page with the copy on it, hook up the tech, and pre-schedule all the communications messages.

Finally, optionally, we could draw up a marketing plan together to promote the event more outside both of our core audiences.

Time Commitment —

*Setup / getting on the same page: 1-3 hours
*Day-of Prep: sound/video check 30-60 minutes before the event.
*The event itself: Anywhere from 60-90 minutes on the low end, and 3-5 hours on the high end.

(And that time flies fast btw, it’s really fun. Often the hosts can actually work alongside attendees on whatever to both demo and get their own work done.)

Cost: baseline is $0. We’re happy to do this to get the word out more — our stuff delivers great results, and we’re happy to help you help your audience thrive.

If we want to split a small marketing budget for additional promo of the event, we’re open to it and can talk about it.


Shoot an email to sebastian@ultraworking.com — looking forward to potentially collaborating with you.


Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau