We Always Appreciate You.
But This Month, We’re Umm, Even-More-Appreciating You.

No joke, one of the most common refrains around Ultraworking HQ is,

“Wow, we’ve got like the best customers in the world.”

Seriously, we’re constantly in awe at all the cool stuff people are doing at The Work Gym and on the Pentathlon — getting PhDs, inventing things, building businesses, writing books, coding up a storm, and all manner of other cool and exciting work. Lately we’ve even seen a bit of an influx of artists, with people composing music tracks and doing visual art during TWG and Marathon sessions.

Seriously, it’s such a smart and cool group. We’re greatly honored to be building stuff for you, and greatly appreciate all the hours and days you spend with us. Our most active members have logged in the hundreds of hours since TWG launched in September. Wow. It’s as engaging as World of Warcraft, except you’re actually getting your work done instead of grinding up your river troll shaman.

We’re really quite ecstatic at how cool our members are. We’ve got some cool stuff coming all month for you.

February 1st

Kicking off with a bang, we have three things for you this week —

(1) Book a 1-on-1 call with an Ultraworking team member.

Kicking off with a bang, we’re committing to doing the 100+ hours of calls with every TWG member. Here’s how it works —

  1. You fill out the Google form.

  2. We use your answers and timezone availability to match you up with one of our team members.

  3. We’ll have a few standard questions. Y’know, “How you digging it? What can we do for you?” type stuff.

  4. But the majority of the call is yours. You write the agenda, and bring whatever you want to talk about.

Everyone on the team will be fielding at least a few calls, and you’re going to really enjoy it. Obviously, you probably know who Sebastian and Kai are, but did you know that Nabilah works out twice a day most days, and sometimes three times? Everything from functional training to spinning, weightlifting to aerial yoga… she’s hardcore. Meanwhile, Lee became a Professor in Japan in his 20’s and went on to get permanent residence in New Zealand with his wife. Super cool, eh?

Everyone on the team is really sharp, and we’ll do our best to match you with someone who is a great fit for your interests.

You request that call at this link.


(2) A +1 spot for a friend at $1.

Been meaning to get a friend or loved one on Ultraworking? You’ll get a single CAM+1 spot you can give a friend, where they’ll get three months of The Work Gym for $1, including access to the next Work Marathon from February 20th-23rd.

Get your significant other, best friend, business partner, or heck — get one of your parents or kids on Ultraworking, we’ve got a number of multi-generational members logging in to get work done together.

You can point them at the CAM+1 page at this link; they’ll also need the password which is in your email.


(3) A free copy of the Five Minute Journal for everyone who refers a CAM+1.


The Five Minute Journal is super cool. Beautifully designed by UJ Ramdas, who Sebastian met in Toronto at a charity event in 2018, it’s a wonderful tool for establishing more control over one’s day and more gratitude and well-being in one’s life.

We talked to UJ, and got a bulk purchasing rate on the Five-Minute Journal — so, every TWG member [*] who refers a CAM+1 friend to us in February will receive a copy of the Five Minute Journal mailed right to you. It’s a wonderful little tool, you’re going to dig it.

[*] There’s a couple places they have a hard time shipping to, like Dubai for instance. If you’re in one of those places, you can either get it mailed to a friend or relative in a country they ship to, or we’ll hook you up with something alternatively cool. All of USA, Canada, EU, and most places with a normal post office system should be good to go. If you’re somewhere waaaay out of the way, we’ll otherwise take care of you.

Once your referred +1 confirms with you, we’ll followup via email for your shipping details for your copy of the Five Minute Journal.


More Good Stuff Coming Soon for CAM

We’ve got other good stuff coming throughout February. For now…

1. Fill this out to get set up with a 1-on-1 with one of the UW team.
2. Gift a CAM+1 to a friend or loved one on this page: they get three months of TWG for $1.
3. We’ll followup with you after your CAM+1 to get your shipping details so you’ll get a copy of the Five Minute Journal.