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The Pursuit of Excellence

Monthly Tools, Templates, and Free Trainings for Methodical Productivity

Enthusiastically recommended IF you’re serious about leveling-up.
— Gregg Jones, U.S. Army Special Forces Officer (retired), Georgetown Professor

Each month, we bring you...

Tools to enhance your productivity


What a brilliant concept. Wonderfully executed too. As the saying goes, "The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you're the pilot." Angela Cheung, creative director; former Disney producer

Templates that integrate into your life


I'm getting tons of mileage out of the Work Cycles on the daily! Using work cycles at work, for coding… it's been awesome. It's such a powerful tool. Gordon Yoon, Software Engineer at Google

100% free live events and trainings


Sebastian is one of the most exciting instructors, sensitive coaches and inspired thinkers I've ever met... I told him afterwards that he belongs on the faculty of a great business school, and I'm repeating it here because I'm sure it's true. Dr. Robert Becker, CEO of Humaginarium

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